Lucasfilm games added to the GOG portfolio

It's a special day for GOG (Good Old Games) as they welcome Lucasfilm games to their portfolio! Yep, while Sierra is our soft spot here at the Sierra Chest, we quite enjoyed the old Lucas games also! Among the newly listed games are Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit the Road and several Starwars games.

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Ken and Roberta inspect the new King's Quest

On October 24, Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams visited The Odd Gentlemen, designers of the new King's Quest game, slated for release in 2015. After the Odd Gentlemen revealed the lower-left image on their Twitter feed, the obvious question remained: "So, what did they think of it?". So we asked Ken and here's what he said:


"Both Roberta and I loved the game. Here's the letter that Roberta sent them:

"...To Matt and Lindsey, Bill and Scott,

I, too, wish to thank you for a lovely morning yesterday reliving - to some extent - my old life as a Sierra game designer. I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, and also somewhat nervous because I haven't been in the computer game industry (notice I call it computer game industry rather than the video game industry; that shows how far back I go!) in too many years to contemplate! But you guys blew me away with your ideas, your creativity and the beauty of the newest King Quest game. But best of all, I could see that you truly are the ones to take King's Quest into the 21st century and reintroduce it to a whole new generation. You totally have it down!

I can't wait to see how it develops, I can't wait to play it myself - and I truly can't wait to see how it blows away the competition!!

Best to you -


Roberta wasn't just being polite. She really did like the game, as did I. The best thing about the game is that they really did get inside of what made the old games so successful and the game feels like a natural successor to the series. They "got it" as to what Roberta was trying to accomplish, and then used today's technology to build the game better than we would have ever thought possible. As we were watching the game, the #1 thought in both our minds was that we couldn't wait to get our own copy and play it, and that's something that rarely happens. Congrats to the team!"

End quote

In addition, Ken showed us another image (lower right) of the meeting, where Roberta looks at game art, shown by designer Matt Korba. The art represents King Graham as he ages throughout the game.

The rumor is that the official announcement of the game, and the first public showing, is coming up next month.

Sierra Chest recovering from hard drive failure

Hey, folks. Just a quick heads-up. On Thursday October 16, 2014, the host's server that housed the Sierra Chest account experienced a hardware failure, which the system administrators were unable to restore. As a result the entire site was wiped out. As you can see, we are in the process of restoring the entire site from our own backup. Due to its size however, it may take a few weeks for the entire site to be back up. This also means Sierra Chest version 2 will go public a bit later than planned.

As an additional security measure, the site will as of now be backed up by multiple people so, in the event such a failure would occur again, the recovery will be a lot speedier.

Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned for more Sierra goodness.


Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: 20th Anniversary Edition released!

The remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is now available for purchase through GOG, Steam and the Phoenix Online Store.

Many reviews have already hit the web and are overall positive.
IGN (7/10): "For those of us weaned on old-school click-and-point adventures (or anyone who wants to experience Sierra On-Line's glory days), there's no question - this is a must-play. The rest of you may be fascinated by its anachronisms, but still be dazzled by its dramatic story and classic puzzles."

Metacritic (76/100)

AdventureGamers (4.5/5): "Now with crisp, modern-day graphics and sound, the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake is a provocative story experience whose aim is to challenge, enlighten, horrify and enthrall. And it succeeds, apart from a few questionable gameplay decisions and a lack of final polish."

Behind the scenes of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Sierra Soundtrack Collection is inserted in the Chest

The Sierra Soundtrack Collection, features 20 songs by composer Mark Seibert. Co-produced by Jeff Hall in his studio, the CD contains songs from King's Quest V, Codename Iceman, Police Quest 2, Conquests of Camelot, Quest for Glory I, Conquests of the Longbow and the Theme of King's Quest VI "Girl In The Tower", which was also released as a single CD. Mark describes how each song came to be in the CD booklet. Released in 1992, the CD is hard to find these days and considered a collector's item.

Mark Seibert introduced the CD as follows: "When starting this project it was hard to pick from a couple hundred or so pieces of music that I've written over the last few years for Sierra On-Line computer games. I thought of all the people who have written to me about their favorite songs or spots in games, songs that people here who worked on the games enjoyed, and songs that were special to me. After realizing that all that wouldn't fit on one CD I cut it down to the songs included in this project. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it."

See the page here.

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