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Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is inserted in the Sierra Chest

Based on the animated movie by the same name, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown brings you the adventures of Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel. As the ice is slowly melting, the creatures of Ice Age are enjoying themselves on slides and in pools from melted ice in the valley's Water Park, unaware that the glacier which surrounds the valley is gradually breaking apart. Because of a silly stunt by Sid the sloth, Manny the wooly mammoth and Diego the saber-toothed cat discover that the glacier functions as a dam, holding back a sea of water which would flood the entire valley and kill all animals trapped in it. They warn all animals but can't convince them of the imminent danger. Luckily a vulture, who looks forward to feast on the countless carcasses, does convince them, and even tells them of a large tree at the other end of the valley which could function as a boat and save them all. All creatures head for the boat, hoping to get there before the valley floods. On their way, Manny, Sid and Diego meet some new companions: possums Crash and Eddy and their 'sister' Ellie, who is a mammoth but thinks she's a possum also. During their adventures, Diego is confronted with his fear for water, Sid nearly gets sacrificed to the Fire God in a sloth village and two sea reptiles, Cretaceous and Maelstrom, are hunting them down.

This third-person action adventure game places you in the role of Scrat, the pathetic saber-toothed squirrel, while you follow the adventures of the movie protagonists on their path to safety. Scrat travels through various worlds, collecting as many nuts as possible to unlock bonus features in the process. He'll start his journey in Water Park, and travel through the forest and Sloth Village and also through new locations like the Mud Bog and even inside the bowels of Maelstrom to finally arrive at the Glacier. Scrat can jump, climb, slide, use trampolines, swing ropes, sniff, dig and many more things - he can even ride swamp birds and use his tail as a torch! In addition he has a range of combat moves at his disposal, like stomp, roll and spin attacks and the ability to throw pebbles against the many angry creatures he encounters, from rock-tossing beetles to piranhas, birds, and polar bears.

The game also features several mini-games, introducing a nice variety in addition to the main game play: ride the Eviscerator as Sid, try catching Crash and Eddy as Diego, play penguin bowling, throw pebbles at forest monkeys and more.
The game, developed by Eurocom (which also designed Robots), features voice talents of the original move cast, like Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Chris Wedge. It was also Fox Interactive's last title. Ice Age 2 was released for the IBM PC, GameCube, XBOX, PlayStation 2 and, later on, also the Wii. It was also developed as a handheld game for the GBA.

See the game here.

Sierra to publish Shiftlings

On January 15 Sierra announced it has teamed up with Rock Pocket Games to publish the Norway-based studio's upcoming puzzle platforming game, Shiftlings , coming to consoles and PC this spring. Set in an intergalactic reality show, Shiftlings is a quirky puzzle platformer about a pair of space custodians who travel the cosmos completing complex challenges. Shiftlings' special twist is that these two oddballs are linked by a single air hose, allowing them to pass gas back and forth between their space suits in an instant. This feature lets one character expand massively in size and weight, reducing mobility but providing clever ways to solve objectives and reach new terrain. The full adventure, crafted for both single-player and two-player local and online cooperative multiplayer, sees our intrepid janitorial heroes conquering over 50 levels spread across five unique worlds.

Shiftlings is expected to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in spring 2015. See the announcement trailer below.

Red Baron Arcade is inserted in the Sierra Chest

Take to the skies of the Great War in your trusty tri-plane and rise through the ranks to ultimately become the Ace in the Red Baron's squadron. Designed to put you right in the action, the Red Baron Arcade gameplay allows you to engage the enemy quickly and enjoy the intensity of battle from the very beginning.

Fight alongside the German forces in World War I in Red Baron Arcade's single player mode, featuring 23 missions, ranging from bombing enemy bases, to protecting zeppelins and intense dogfights, taking down legendary aces of the Allied forces. Fly eight different German planes from the robust Albatros D.III to the fast and deadly Fokker D.VII and edit the colors of your planes to your liking. Discover collectables hidden in the levels and earn medals such as the Artillery Spotting Ace Medal and The Oak Leaves Medal.

Red Baron Arcade also offered a multiplayer mode through GameSpy, allowing to chose German or Allied planes and 3 different multiplayer modes: Death Match, Team Death Match or Capture the Blimp, a capture the flag kind of mode. With its simple controls, Red Baron Arcade is a fun and intuitive game to play for both experienced and beginner pilots.

See the game here

Ken and Roberta Williams honored and new King's Quest trailer revealed!

At the Game Awards Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Ken and Roberta Williams were honored with the Industry Icon Award! Introduced by Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog Studios and following a beautiful tribute to Sierra as a pioneer in the gaming industry, Ken and Roberta came on stage to accept the award in person, gave a speech and thanked the fans. Both appeared very touched by how their legacy still lives so strongly after all these years. It was also a very special and emotional moment for us, Sierra fans, many who followed the event live and commented on the Facebook page of Sierra Chest and Sierra Gamers.

Roberta apologized for not having a new game under development (it's been over 15 years since Mask of Eternity), but then introduced Matt Korba and Lindsey Rostal from The Odd Gentlemen, designers of the new King's Quest. Matt Korba, the lead designer, also gave a speech, stressing how important it is to the development team to have Ken and Roberta's blessing, and gave gamers worldwide a first look at the new King's Quest.

You can see the entire tribute and King's Quest trailer in the video below.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: 20th Anniversary Edition released!

The remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is now available for purchase through GOG, Steam and the Phoenix Online Store.

Many reviews have already hit the web and are overall positive.
IGN (7/10): "For those of us weaned on old-school click-and-point adventures (or anyone who wants to experience Sierra On-Line's glory days), there's no question - this is a must-play. The rest of you may be fascinated by its anachronisms, but still be dazzled by its dramatic story and classic puzzles."

Metacritic (76/100)

AdventureGamers (4.5/5): "Now with crisp, modern-day graphics and sound, the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake is a provocative story experience whose aim is to challenge, enlighten, horrify and enthrall. And it succeeds, apart from a few questionable gameplay decisions and a lack of final polish."

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