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Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2016-08-08] (0 comments)

Gabriel Knight is a down-on-his-luck horror novelist and bookstore owner in New Orleans. While his new assistant, Grace Nakimura, takes care of the shop, he's hoping his research into a string a voodoo murders around the city will give him a story for a bestseller. (READ MORE)
The Spiderwick Chronicles is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2016-07-08] (0 comments)

Following a bitter divorce between their parents, Jared, Simon and Mallory Grace move with their mother Helen into the estate of their uncle, Arthur Spiderwick, who lived there 80 years earlier. They discover a sealed field guide in a locked chest, containing their uncle's findings of an unseen world in the surrounding woods. (READ MORE)
Heart of China is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2016-07-02] (0 comments)

Jake "Lucky" Masters is a famed fighter ace during the Great War. His creditor, international business tycoon E.A.Lomax, decided Lucky would be the man to rescue his kidnapped daughter from the clutches of Li Deng from his fortress in Chengdu. Lucky has the guts, the piloting skills and the planes. (READ MORE)
Matt Chat 331: Rob Irving on Star Citizen and SWAT
[2016-03-13] (0 comments)

Matt is joined one last time (for now) by Rob Irving of Descendent Studios. Rob testifies about his time working on Star Citizen, and the highs and lows of working with Chris Roberts on his most ambitious project to date. (READ MORE)
Velocity 2X soundtrack on iTunes
[2016-01-20] (0 comments)

Sierra's Velocity 2x soundtrack, consisting of 22 songs composed by Joris de Man and James Marsden, is available on iTunes.

Quest for Glory 1 (EGA) / Hero's Quest is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2016-01-15] (0 comments)

Spielburg Valley was once a prosperous and peaceful place: forests were kept safe by the Baron's guards and merchants sold their wares in the thriving town. Only the vile Ogress, Baba Yaga, threw a dark shadow over the valley. (READ MORE)
King's Quest Chapter 2 released!
[2015-12-15] (0 comments)

The second chapter of Sierra's King's Quest has been released today! Titled "Rubble Without a Cause", Graham will face his first challenges as the new king of Daventry.

3D Ultra Cool Pool is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2015-11-29] (0 comments)

Do you love a good game of pool? Cool Pool has all your favorites - Eight Ball, Rotation, Cutthroat, Nine Ball, and Classic Pocket Billiards - on dazzling tables with a super-easy interface and with the option to use standard balls and custom balls. (READ MORE)
Pepper's Adventures in Time is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2015-11-09] (0 comments)

Pepper Pumpernickel is a young reporter and owner of her dog Lockjaw. When Crazy Uncle Fred moves in the house of her parents, she is curious what the man is doing in the attic behind locked doors. She discovers he built a "what-if" machine, capable of changing historic events and therefore the faith of the world. (READ MORE)
The Chest's 7th Anniversary with lots of new music!
[2015-10-11] (0 comments)

Today the Sierra Chest celebrates its 7th Anniversary! Time sure goes fast! Once again a whole range of Sierra games has been covered into detail over the past year (READ MORE)

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