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Shiftlings released!
[2015-03-03] (3 comments)

Shiftlings, a quirky and colorful platform puzzler with two adorably dim-witted alien space janitors conjoined by an air hose, developed by Norway-based Rock Pocket Games and published by Sierra, has been released on March 3 for PC and consoles. (READ MORE)
F.E.A.R. Platinum now on GOG!
[2015-02-12] (0 comments)

F.E.A.R. Platinum (the complete trilogy, including F.E.A.R., Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate) is now available on GOG! If you think Phantasmagoria is scary, try out these first-person shooters, preferably in the dark and with headphones. (READ MORE)
Gary Owens passes away at 80
[2015-02-12] (0 comments)

Gary Owens (born Gary Altman) was an American disc jockey and voice actor. His polished baritone speaking voice generally offered deadpan recitations of total nonsense, which he frequently demonstrated as the announcer on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. (READ MORE)
Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2015-02-04] (0 comments)

Despite saving the universe from the Pukoids and reclaiming Starship Goliath in Space Quest 5, Roger has been found guilty by the Starcon Federation on several charges. He is decommissioned to janitor second class on the SCS Deepship 86, under commander Kielbasa. (READ MORE)
Become a Sierra Chest Patron!
[2015-01-24] (0 comments)

The Sierra Chest has probably already grown into the largest Sierra fan site in existence with over 500 game entries, 2,000 people profiles, 15,000 screenshots, 1,500 self-made videos, 2,000 songs, and more, but the site is still FAR from complete. (READ MORE)
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2015-01-20] (0 comments)

Based on the animated movie by the same name, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown brings you the adventures of Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel. As the ice is slowly melting, the creatures of Ice Age are enjoying themselves, unaware that the glacier which surrounds the valley is gradually breaking apart. (READ MORE)
Sierra to publish Shiftlings
[2015-01-15] (0 comments)

Sierra announced it has teamed up with Rock Pocket Games to publish the Norway-based studio's upcoming puzzle platforming game, Shiftlings , coming to consoles and PC this spring. Set in an intergalactic reality show, Shiftlings is a quirky puzzle platformer. (READ MORE)
Red Baron Arcade is inserted in the Sierra Chest
[2014-12-13] (0 comments)

Take to the skies of the Great War in your trusty tri-plane and rise through the ranks to ultimately become the Ace in the Red Baron's squadron. Red Baron Arcade gameplay allows you to engage the enemy quickly and enjoy the intensity of battle from the very beginning. (READ MORE)
Sierra to be honored in Game Awards Show 2014
[2014-12-05] (0 comments)

Today, 12/05/2014, at 9pm ET the very first Game Awards Show will broadcast live from Las Vegas! Not only will it be the very first Game Awards Show, it also holds not one, but TWO very special surprises for the Sierra fans! (READ MORE)
Industry Icon Award for Ken and Roberta Williams
[2014-12-05] (0 comments)
At the Game Awards Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Ken and Roberta Williams were honored with the Industry Icon Award! Following a tribute to Sierra, Ken and Roberta came on stage to accept the award in person, gave a speech and thanked the fans. (READ MORE)

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