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Tilted Mill Entertainment is a video game developer located in Framingham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2001 by former Impressions Games lead designer and general manager Chris Beatrice, business manager Peter Haffenreffer, and designer Jeff Fiske.
The company employs 20 staff in design, programming, creative, and administrative roles. Tilted Mill is a reference to Don Quixote.

The designers at Tilted Mill built further on their experience from Impressions Games. Their first project was "Children of the Nile", a game with the same concept as Pharaoh but with a new game engine and enhanced graphics. After the release of this game, the company announced another sequel to the famous Caesar series, Caesar IV, and was approached by Vivendi Games to publish it. For a moment it seemed that the former relation between Impressions Games and Sierra On-Line was restored.
However Tilted Mill then developed the fifth sequel of the SimCity series, titled "Simcity Societies" (all previous titles had been developed by Maxis), which was published by Electronic Arts. On July 11, 2008 Tilted Mill then announced the creation of their first independent game entitled "Hinterland".

Caesar IV

Chris Beatrice
Mat Williams
Tony Leier
Mike Gingerich
Mike Malone
Adam J Carriuolo
Greg Sheppard
Will Jennings
Matt Zimmitti
Blair Evans
Lenny Eusebi
Jeff Fiske
David Beebe
Jim Solomon
Eli Pulsifer
Tony Hosier
Victor Rachels
Dean Lawson
Kevin Bray
Chris Harvey
Daniel Higgins
Dennis Rose
Kwan Sukasame
Louis Tammaro
Ed Brilliant
Travis Williams
Keith Zizza
Jeff Seamster
Hans Schroder
Brian Ferullo
John Brooks
Jeremy (Reed) Freyholtz
Peter Haffenreffer
Marsha Phillips Beatrice
Greg Bair
Marc Biagi
Gene Bogart
Kevan Brighting
Dan Castle
Bill Corkery
DC Douglas
Ross Dyer
Simon Fellows
James K. Flynn
Adam Jetson
Ralph Lister
David McAlister
Doug McLeod
Lani Minella
Sam Mowry
David Rivas
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Joe J Thomas
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Angie Mavrow
Andy Nunez
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Tracy Sargent
Kevin Crook
Pam Teller
James R. Carey
Amy Allison
Blake Hill
Joseph Selinske
Jesse Vigil
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Larry Ward Jr.
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Robert Fleischacker
Austin Kienzle
Farid Kazimi
Robert Fenoglio
Afolabi Akibola
Chris Miller
Tyree Deramus
Julio Ferrer
Brad Graber
Jose Hernandez
Michael Ryan
John St. John
Justin Brown
Eric Hoffmaster
Alex Bryant
Shawn Lomas
Mark Smith
Terence Stephenson
Brandon Valdez
Cyra Talton
Fausto Lorenzano
Richard Benavides
Ben Hines
Eithne Hagan
Bobby Henderson
Gillian Pierce
Bruce Hack
Jean-Francois Grollemund
Martin Tremblay
Terri Durham
Cindy Cook
Mark Halacy
Pascal Brochier
Bret Berry
Kelly Zmak
Brian Leake
Guy Welsh
Marcus Beer
Barry Kehoe
Gerry Carty
Michael Herring
Jeff Buccellato
Paul Pawlicki
Glenn Dphrepaulezz
Matt Stoke
Todd Hartwig
Eric Culqui
Jasen Frisby
Tom Gastall
Jan Lindner
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