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Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail!

FIRST RELEASE: 1996-10-10
DEVELOPERS: Sierra On-Line
PUBLISHERS: Sierra On-Line
GROUPS: Leisure Suit Larry Series
GENRES: Adventure, Adventure: 2D animated


Location Action Points Dildos
Penthouse Take pair of "Vice" Grips 1/1 0/32
Take Lil' Hair Weave Kit 1/2
Open the kit in inventory 1/3
Use Vice Grips on the needle 1/4
Use bent needle on the handcuffs 2/6
"Break" the glass patio door 2/8
Das Grande Atriumo Wait for the announcement of the P.M.S. Bouncy Competition
Pick up Dildo (the white/red striped thingy 1/32
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Contest announcement 3/11
Dildo near middle seat 2/32
Cabin 0 Enter the cabin 2/13
Dildo near the bucket 3/32
Take the can from the toilet pipe 3/16
Flush the toilet
Aft Deck Take dildo near the dildo topiary 4/32
Talk with Peggy, but not yet about peg leg. She may also be elsewhere on this deck
Promenade Deck Take Dildo near the beaver topiary 5/32
Open the fire closet 1/17
Take the fire hose 3/20
Fo'c's'le Deck Take the dildo at the sheep topiary 6/32
Talk to Rod (3x)
Cabin 0 There is a dildo behind the toilet 7/32
Use the firehose on the water pipe 9/29
Flush the toilet 2/31
"piss" 1/32
"dump" 1/33
Look at the toilet paper 1/34
Take the toilet paper 2/36
"Use" the toilet paper on Larry
Flush the toilet
Sexual Prowess Competition Take dildo 8/32
Use the TMT Scorecard on the slot 2/38
Push the green button 4/42
Das Grande Atriumo Take dildo 9/32
Library Dildo near the clock 10/32
Look at the beaver 1/43
Meet Victoria Principles 3/46
Look at the yellow book on top
At the entrance, take the green book on the right about Fokker 2/48
Clothing Optional Pool Take dildo 11/32
Get a swimsuit 2/50
Talk to Drew Baringmore 3/53
Get her book about Hercules 11/64
Ask Drew about Fokker 13/77
"Push" the annoying branch (Easter Egg)
Take the Persons Magazine 3/80
Library Make Victoria look something up on her PC by clicking "other" and typing anything
Take "Prudish and Proud" 6/86
Remove the book jacket in the inventory 4/90
Put the jacket of "Prudish and Proud" on the Hercules book 14/104
Put the Hercules back on the book stack 2/106
Das Grande Atriumo Another dildo 12/32
Library Another dildo on Vicky's desk 13/32
Look at the computer screen 1/107
Hold "Ctrl" and click on the left guy on her computer screen (Easter Egg)
Talk to Vicki, but save "the weather" for last.
Ask about the weather 20/127
Cabin 0 Dildo in the bottom left corner 14/32
Library "Milk" the beaver (Easter Egg)
Talk to Vicky about "sex" and the LoveMaster 2000 6/133
Sexual Prowess Competition Winning the competition

Poop Deck Meet the Juggs 3/161
Talk to the Juggs about everything and type in "other": "tits," "sex," and "hot tub"
The Heaving Ho' Click the dildo in the Greek salad 15/32
Eat bean dip 4/165
Fart 1/166
Go to Wang
Click dildo between the sausages 16/32
Talk to Wang twice 9/175
Take the carver's knife 3/178
Take the heat lamp bulb 3/181
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Look above deck at the mast
Talk to Johnson 2/183
Take dildo on the left side 17/32
Order a "Gigantic Erection," 11/194
Enter the Juggs' dressing room (Easter Egg, unlocked by milking the beaver in the library)
Order another Gigantic Erection and go through the green door again 13/207
Pick up dildo near the haystacks 18/32
Replace can of Deodorant spray with the silicon lubricant 12/219
Press the red button 4/223
Leave the room on go towards the lowered spotlight
Take the spotlight bulb 5/228
Use the heat lamp on the empty socket 5/233
Order another Gigantic Erection
Push the red button again 4/237
Exit the lounge and enter again to see the Juggs' act 20/257
Pair o' Dice Casino Click dildo on the lower floor 19/32
Listen to the waitress taking orders.
Try to approach the table
Employees Only area Walk through the lasers and try to open the door
"Push" the door 9/266
Pick up the dildo 20/32
Read the bulletin board until you hear about the shaved dice 2/268
El Replicant Sculpture Garden Pick up dildo behind David Sculpture 21/32
Take a pair of dice of Venus' foot 8/276
Shave the dice with the toilet paper 11/287
The Heaving Ho' Eat some bean dip
Pair o' Dice Casino Fart near the players 11/298
Play the table and use shaved dice on the table 6/304
Dewmi Moore invites Larry to her room for a game of Strip Liar's Dice 27/331
Cabin 510 Save game first, then win Strip Liar's Dice 23/354
Cabin 510 Take the Orgasmic Powder 4/358
Clothing Optional Pool Pick up dildo on the right side 22/32
Talk to Drew about "my place"
Aft Deck Ask Peggy about the "cabin boy." 11/369
Talk to Peggyabout "break room," and then "locker" 11/380
Talk: "other" and "combination" 11/391
Talk: "other" "Xqwzts" 11/402
Employees Only area Read the message board about "Peggy's prints" 1/403
Open the 2nd locker left, on the bottom (38-24-36) 12/415
Meet Xqwzts 3/418
Buy pictures 4/422
Notice the air vent
Purser's Desk Talk to Peter, and ask about "passport" 11/433
Library Take the mucilage 5/438
Use the mucilage on the "Dirty Pictures" 9/447
Use the sticky photograph on "Your cabin keycard." 8/455
Purser's Desk Talk to Peter and "use" the Photo ID 6/461
Employees Only area Open the locker (38-24-36) and use your passport on Xqwzts 7/468
Take the custodial key 6/474
Forward Hold Use custodial key on the door 2/476
Click on dildo 23/32
Take Drew's suitcase 6/482
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Walk on the stage and "feel" the Mixer equipment (Easter Egg)
Clothing Optional Pool Talk to Drew about Fokker (Easter Egg)
Use the Orgasmic Powder on Drew's Gigantic Erection and "drink" it (Easter Egg)
Talk to Drew about her suitcase 15/497
Cabin 0 Flush the toilet 10/507
El Replicant Sculpture Garden Climb up the scaffold 1/508
Take the screwdriver 4/512
Employees Only area Use your screwdriver on airvent 6/518
Blind Dessert Taste Test Click on yourself and undress 10/528
Cabin 0 Meet Annette 15/543
Pick up the handkerchief 2/545
Look and smell the handkerchief in the inventory 1/546
Blind Dessert Taste Test Look at the chair where Annette stood and take the piece of paper 15/561
Look at it in your inventory 5/566
Purser's Desk Ask about Boning, about "telephone" and about your account
Look at the red button on his phone, go over to the white phone and make 6 prank calls 6/572
Ask for Annette Boning 13/585
Ask Peter about your account and push the red button to find out Annette's cabine number (1009) 11/596
Owner's Suite You arrive later that evening 2/598
Enter the bedroom 2/600
Look at the bed, and then smell it 1/601
Undress yourself 10/611
Owner's Suite Click on the bulge of the 3rd guy on the left, and "unzip." (Easter Egg)
Push the red button to the right of the door (Easter Egg) and talk to Annette. Click "Other" and type "insurance"
Use Carving Knife on Annette 1/612
Ring the doorbell again and use the Life Insurance Policy on her 15/627
Poop Deck Horseshoes Competition Pick up dildo 24/32
Use TMT Scorecard and play2/629
Library Take the blue book on the left bottom shelf 2/631
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Walk on the stage and take the clothing chase lights 5/636
Walk left and take the remote control 5/641
Turn the remote control on 1/642
El Replicant Sculpture Garden Use Chase Lights on the pin through the ceiling 14/656
"Use" "Remote control" 1/657
Poop Deck Horseshoes Competition Use your TMT scorecard and turn on the remote control 5/662
Play and win 25/687
Tail Deck Bowling competition Click dildo 25/32
Use your TMT scorecard on the walrus and pick up the ball 2/689
Click on the lane and "play."
Aft Deck Ask Peggy about her peg leg 11/700
Employees Only area Take the Brand Jelly next to the sink 4/704
Aft Hold Use your custodial key on the door 2/706
Open door to the hopper, and "Use" Deodorant on pins 11/717
Tail Deck Bowling competition Use your TMT scorecard and pick up the bowling ball
Use KZ lubricant on the handkerchief 7/724
Use the treated handkerchief on the bowling ball 6/730
"play" 1/731
Win the bowling competition 25/756
Best-Dressed Competition Click dildo 26/32
"Unzip" doll's pants 3/759
Captain Queeg's Ballroom Go through the double doors and find dildo 27/32
Talk to Jamie 2/761
Talk about "leisure suit" 17/778
Click on Larry and "dream" (Easter Egg)
Find another dildo 28/32
Bridge Climb up the ladder 1/779
Look at the tiny sail 1/780
Climb back down the ladder and go through the door
Click dildo 29/32
Try to operate control box and exit back outside
Use screwdriver on electrical junction box 6/786
Employees Only area Take the jumper wire 4/790
Bridge Use jumper wire on the fuse 10/800
Climb up the ladder and wait for the next public anouncement
Cut the sail with the carving knife 8/808
Captain Queeg's Ballroom Click dildo 30/32
Talk to Jamie Lee and "Use" Polyester Cloth" 7/815
Captain Queeg's Ballroom Read note 1/816
Go backstage 1/817
Model your leisure suit on the runway 8/825
Captain Queeg's Ballroom read note 1/826
Best-Dressed Competition Unzip the mannequin's fly and win the competition 25/851
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Listen to 40 minutes of Clinton jokes. You must play them all in one time to get the points. 5/856
Kitchen Click dildo 31/32
Look at the fish heads in the basket 1/857
Look at the poodle 1/858
Look at the large fish net 1/859
Operate the CaviarMaster 2000 1/860
Take the fish wrapped in the magazine 2/862
Read the magazine page 5/867
Take the pot 2/869
Take the salt shaker 2/871
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Talk to Johnson about "Lime juice" 10/883
Lower Aft Use your custodial key on the door 2/885
Milk a beaver 13/898
Room 0 Pick up mold from the shower 7/905
Fo'c's'le Deck Take a pair of kumquats 2/907
Kitchen Use Beaver Milk On CyberCheese 2000 9/916
Use the kumquats on the cheese 7/923
Look at green snake on the floor 1/924
Captain's Cook-Off Competition Use the Kumquat Quiche on Judge Julia 1/925
Kitchen Use Orgasmic Powder on quiche 14/939
Captain's Cook-Off Competition Use the Kumquat Quiche on Judge Julia 25/964
Captain's Quarters Find the last dildo in the help "about" menu" 1/965 32/32
Knock on the door 10/975
Talk to Thigh and give her your stock certificate 25/1000

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