Hoyle Official Book of Games: Volume 1


Players: two players

Game limit: allows you to set a different limit for the score of the game. Limits are 100, 200, 250, 300 and 500 points. Any limit you set and save using the SAVE SETUP option in the Game menu will become the new default value until another setup is saved.

Object: In your hand, create "sets" of cards consisting of three or more of the same rank, or a run of three or more of the same suit (example: three Aces, four Kings, 4,5,6 of Hearts, 8,9,10,Jack of Spades). Try to have the lowest possible value of ungrouped cards (known as "deadwood") in your hand when either you or the other player "knocks" (ends the hand).

How to play:

10 cards are dealt to each player. The rest of the deck is placed face down in the middle to form a draw pile. One card is turned face up beside it to form a discard pile. Players in turn choose the top card either from the draw pile or the discard pile, then discard a card from their own hand. On the first turn only, the non-dealer can choose either to take the card in the discard pile or pass that turn. If the non-dealer passes, the dealer then has the same option for that turn.

Either player may equally knock when they have ten points or fewer of deadwood. A player knocks just before discarding a card, and the cards remaining in both hands are counted. A player who knocks with no deadwood is said to have a "Gin". If a player knocks illegally (with 11 or more deadwood) the other player may either accept or refuse the knock. If the knock is refused, the knocker has to show all cards to the other player.


When one player knocks, the player with the lowest deadwood scores the difference between his deadwood and that of the other player, plus any bonus. A player who knocks with Gin earns 25 bonus points in addition to regular points. If the knocking player does not have a gin, no points are awarded for any cards in the other player's hand that can be added to the sets in the knocking player's hand. This is called "Playing Off". If the knocking player's deadwood (not counting cards played off) is higher than or equal to that of the non-knocking player (except in the case of Gin), the non-knocking player receives 25 bonus points in addition to the regular points ("undercut bonus"). Cards are scored as follows:

- Face cards = 10 points
- All other cards = face value (Aces = 1)