Hoyle Official Book of Games: Volume 1


Players: single player

The Klondike menu:

The Klondike menu contains four choices:

Rules contains game rules. Click mouse or press [ENTER] to see the next screen.
Original Klondike selects the original Klondike rules: one card is flipped at a time, and the deck is played through only once.
Flip 3 unlimited allows three cards to be flipped at a time, with unlimited times through the deck.
Flip 3 unlimited flips one card at a time, and allows unlimited times through the deck.

Note: The selected variation of Klondike can be set to default by selecting SAVE SETUP from the game menu so that it will become the default for subsequent Klondike games.

Object of the game: Play as many cards as possible into the four foundation piles at the left. Foundation piles begin with Aces, and advance in order through Kings of the same suit.

How to play:

Dealing the setup

The cards are dealt into 7 piles from left to right. The first deal places seven cards left to right - one face up and six face down. The second deal skips the first pile and deals a face up card on the second pile and five face down cards on the five remaining piles. The third deal skips the first two piles and places a face up card on the third pile, then four face down cards. Subsequent deals follow the same pattern, until the last deal places one face up card on the rightmost pile. the finished setup has piles of 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 cards from left to right. The remaining cards form the play deck.

Playing the deck

Original Klondike rules: flip one card at a time from the deck and play the cards onto the foundation piles or onto the setup piles to form columns. The deck is played through only once.
Flip 3 unlimited: Flip 3 cards at a time and play the uppermost card in turn. The deck can be played through repeatedly, until no more plays are possible.
Flip 1 unlimited: Flip one card at a time. The deck can be played through repeatedly, until no more plays are possible.

All Klondike games

Cards are played by placing them in columns onto cards one higher in rank, and of opposite color (example: Black Queen can be placed on Red King, Red 6 can be placed on Black 7, Black 10 can be played on Red Jack). An entire column of face up cards can be moved onto another columns if the proper cards are at the top and bottom of the columns. Only Kings may be used to fill empty columns.

Aces are played only into the foundation piles, followed by 2's, 3's etc. of the same suit. When all four foundation piles are complete from Ace to King, that hand has been won. The program will complete your play for you when all cards are in an unobstructed position to go onto the foundation piles and win the hand. When this option is available an AUTO PLAY box will appear. Click in the box if you wish the program to complete the placement of the cards.

You will be scored after each hand, with 5 points added to your score for each card placed onto a foundation pile, or 500 points for each hand won. 50 points are deducted for each hand.