Troll's Tale


The evil troll has hidden all the treasures of Mark, the Dwarf King. Help King Mark find his treasures. You can't take a treasure if the troll is in the same picture as the treasure (no worries, he won't kill you either). To make the troll go away, you have to make the picture change, so simply leave and re-enter the screen until the troll is no longer there. The treasures are:

- pot of money
- gift
- gold brick
- shell
- necklace
- silver cup
- penny
- treasure chest
- bag of pennies
- fiddle
- dollar and cent
- candy sucker
- diamond ring
- box of jewels
- bag of gold
- flashlight

Each screen features upto three lines of commands - to move in a certain direction, to pick up a treasure, or other actions. Use the spacebar to toggle through the commands and press ENTER to execute the selected command.

You can also press "F" to see which treasures you have already found and how many are still missing. To enable or disable sound, press CTRL-S.

When you have found all 16 treasures, return to the dwarf in the cave.