Manhunter 2: San Francisco


Manhunter 2: San Francisco does not have a point system. You need to complete all actions to win the game. San Francisco is divided into 5 screens, arranged as shown below. You can see the map in detail here.

So when this walkthrough states to go to "map 4", go for the upper right screen of San Francisco etc. Locations that can be accessed flash on the map, so they're not hard to find.

There is some overlapping at the edges of the map sections and, as a result, two locations you can visit actually appear on two map sections. The Temple is both near the right edge of map 2 and near the left edge of map 5. The other location is Tad Timov's apartment, which is both near the bottom edge of map 4 and near the top edge of map 5.

DAY 1: Assignment: Unspecified

Crash scene You are on map 2. Pick up the green Manhunter ID card next to the corpse under your ship. Since Phil thinks you're dead, you assume the identity of the victim to avoid detection. He was Peter Brown, a San Francisco Manhunter.
Pick up the MAD - you'll automatically open it up - select "info" and type "Peter Brown", to find his address. Press F3 to open the city map, and head to the Manhunter's apartment (map 1), your new home.
Manhunter's apartment Enter the apartment.
Look through the window to see red plumes spewing from Coit Tower and some mound covering the buildings near the Transamerica Pyramid.
Open the left drawer and read the note "rub jewel of heaven" to take the cloth and note.
Press "C" to use the MAD and use the tracker. You'll see two targets enter the Bank of Canton. After they leave a third person appears to confront them outside the bank. The two suspects then proceed together to a warehouse. They appear to scuffle there - while one target enters the warehouse, the selected target heads for the ferry building and then the Embarcadero Fountain where his movement stops.
Press F3 to travel to the bank (map 5).
Bank of Canton Enter through the door to the left and climb through the hole in the wall.
Notice the battering ram and proceed through the tunnel.
Notice the empty safe.
Get the note on the desk, saying "Greetings fellow dragons! The R3 is the L1 to R4. Tad".
Get the scrap of newspaper from the garbage can. It mentions a scientist by the name Noah G.
Look at the dead man's face and left hand to see a dragon mark.
Notice the "bat vomit" written on the door. If you mirror it (as it was printed on the glass from the other side), then it reads "Tad Timov".
The dragon note on the desk was signed by "Tad". Press "C", select "Info" and type "Tad Timov". He was the head of the security of the bank and you now also have his address.
Go back to the street and head around the left side of the building where the scuffle with another person took place.
Look at the victim's face and get the broken fang from his throat.
Pick up the laundry receipt from the sidewalk.
Open your MAD and go to the suspects' next location: the warehouse (map 4).
Warehouse Head for the door and notice the bloody clump of coarse hair - there was a struggle indeed.
There are four robots patrolling the warehouse. Get to the door at the lower left (a diagonal path works best). If necessary, lower the arcade difficulty setting to Normal (three robots) or Easy (two robots) in the menu (under "special").
In the office, read the message in blood on the desk - it is written to Zac and says Mic is a traitor.
Get the mallet and notice the markings on its head - a fish shape.
Go outside again, press F3 and head for the ferry building (map 5).
Ferry building Read the poster on the right. The Orbs appear to have lost a "viewer" and offer an award for returning it. Since the door are closed, head for Embarcadero Fountain (map 5).
Embarcadero Fountain Step into the fountain and spin (ENTER) towards the doorway on the right while avoiding the drain.
When you are in the tunnel and attacked by rats and bats, punch and stomp them (don't go right until they stop coming).
Notice the message on the wall: "Me be man again someday".
Take the driver's license from under the mattress - the last name is "Stone".
Look at the dead creature and get the empty flask from its hand. Looks like he died drinking this "remedy".
Go back outside to the edge of the fountain (spinning out of the fountain).
Press "C", select "info" and type "Mic Stone". He's an experiment volunteer - guess that didn't work out too well, no wonder he was hoping to turn human again.
Select the tracker and tag the second target at the bank or warehouse by putting the pointer over him and pressing ENTER. After visiting the warehouse office, he goes to Hyde Street Pier where you lose the signal.
Head for Hyde Street Pier (map 1)
Hyde Street Pier Look through the fence and notice the crates of medical supplies.
Climb down the ladder on the left side of the pier and look at the pipe in the wall. Note the bits of blood and gore hanging from the pipe.
Enter the pipe and you'll get eaten (do NOT restore but proceed playing after death message).
Press F3 and head for Tad Timov' apartment (map 4 or 5).
Tad Timov's apartment Enter and a dog will attack and kill you. You can't do anything here yet.
Press F3 to travel and the Orbs will override your MAD, asking to report name of the suspects. Type "Mic Stone". You don't know the other suspect's name.

DAY 2: Assignment: Investigate boat burning at Pier 5

Manhunter's apartment An orb gives you your assignment. You open the MAD and see two suspects approaching another person on Pier 5. A struggle breaks out and the two suspects leave. The first suspect heads for the temple, where the signal is lost.
Exit the house and head for Pier 5 (map 5).
Pier 5 Get on the boat to find another dead rat creature.
Remove the muzzle and notice the missing finger.
Match the broken fang from your inventory with the broken fang of the creature - it fits, so you have yesterday's second suspect!
Leave the boat and return to Tad Timov's apartment (map 4 or 5).
Tad Timov's apartment Enter and use the muzzle to neutralize the dog.
Get the camera from the bench - it has only one flash left.
Look at the tapestry on the wall and remember the words - "heaven, vision" - and symbols beside it.
Leave the apartment and head for the temple (map 2 or 5).
Temple Enter and get the shield on the floor. Four ninjas will appear and throw knives at you. Turn left or right to deflect them all (this one is tough, but doable - adjust difficulty if needed). They will disappear after a while.
The Buddha will begin to rise, revealing a door. You enter a staircase with busts left and right.
In inventory, look at the cloth for the clue ("rub jewel of heaven"), and use the cloth on the bust labeled "heaven" (2nd left).
The bust provides clues: an "F", an oar, "P" and a ruler with inches. Combined this results in "Four pinches".
In inventory, look at the dragon note and read the third bust on the right, the first on the left and the fourth on the right to form the message "The Castle is the Gateway to Hell", whatever that means.
Continue up the stairs. You will be caught by ninjas and forced onto a long bridge over a pool of acid! Make your way across without falling.
As the leader of the clan watches, a man steps up to the branding iron and presses his hand to it! When he pulls his hand back, he has the dragon mark. The leader then hands him a scroll.
It's your turn: Instead of touching the iron, grab a scroll and quickly jump out the window to the right! You'll land on the street below.
The scroll reads "West is our only chance".
Don't wait for the ninjas to come after you, but quickly head for the screen to the right.
Old Man's Residence "West" is not a direction, but a last name. We also have a first name with missing last name: "Zac". Hit "C", select "Info" and type "Zac West" - we're in luck and as he person exists - again an experiment volunteer, so a rat creature. You have his address.
Enter the door and approach the old man.
Remember the tapestry you saw in Tad Timov's apartment? Also remember "Four pinches"? Take four pinches from the pot with the Heaven symbol (second from the left) and place them in the pipe. You'll pick up the pipe and smoke it.
You'll have a "vision" of a girl and then a mutant. The man gets emotional and gives you a statue of a rabbit with inscription "To Daddy from Ming" - the girl in the vision was apparently his daughter.
Press F3 and travel to Zac West's address (map 1), the Wax Museum.
Wax Museum The door is locked. Look at the wax figure of the fisherman near the entrance and notice the fish - same shape as the imprint on the mallet. Hit the fish with the mallet. The door will open and you'll enter the museum.
Press the button at the first display and watch it. Move left to the second display and watch it. Move left to the third display, watch it, and climb up the chimney.
Zac is not there which, considering the human bones scattered around, is probably a good thing. Return outside, press "C" and tag the other suspect on Pier 5: he goes to the shop. Somebody else arrives, waiting outside, and together they go to the Transamerica Pyramid where they snatch a slave ("s" stands for "slave"). They proceed to the Dr.'s House and leave the slave there. They leave again and split up with the target heading for the laundry while his companion meets up with another person on the street. At the laundry he meets two other people and the suspect stays there.
Press F3 and go to the shop (map 3).
Shop Enter. The shop owner is investigating a finger - the missing finger from the creature on the boat! The suspect traded it for something, but you don't know what. approach the store owner and notice the "chain snips" sign on the wall.
Go outside and head for the Transamerica Pyramid (map 5).
Transamerica Pyramid Notice the debris falling from its upper windows, and the mound of rubble covering the nearby Bank of America Center. Go to the pyramid.
Notice the broken chain on the ground. The suspect apparently traded the finger for chain snips at the store and broke in.
Enter and look at the glass case to see it contains a gun. You can smash the glass and take it although it has no use (the alarm will go off and you'll flee outside but can then simply re-enter)
Go in the room and, to free the slave, rotate counter-clockwise around the room without getting shot, watching the robot's turret to foresee its aim.
Notice the slave is dressed in grey clothing.
Head for the Dr.'s house (map 2)
Doctor's House Enter the house. Look at the body and notice the "P" carved in his forehead - the trademark of Phil, the enemy you chased down from New York to San Francisco! The victim also has an "S" (for "slave") in his arm while the other arm is missing. He is also wearing the same short-sleeved grey robe as the slave you rescued. Looks like all slaves wear those.
Enter the next room to find the dead doctor with another "P" carved into his forehead.
Get the note from the doctor's pocket - it mentions a card, how his creations can help defeat the Orbs, and a warning about Phil. It is signed by "N. Goring".
Use the empty remedy flask from the inventory to pour the urine sample in it.
Look at the newspaper clipping in inventory which is signed "Noah G.". Press "C", select "info" and type the name "Noah Goring" to get his home address. Noah is a genetic research scientist.
Go outside and head for the laundry (map 5).
Laundry The laundry is closed.
Head for Dr. Goring's place, "scientist's house" (map 4).
Scientist's house Enter the house through the garage. Take the matchbook (with game designer Evryware reference) from the small table and notice the needle and white thread.
Look through the window to see Coit Tower, Alcatraz and Julius Castle.
Look at the files scattered on the floor in chronological order to learn that Dr. Goring was developing mutants to work "below". However his experiments failed and when he learns about the Orbs' actual plans, he wanted to save the planet before it's too late.
Use the tracker, tag the second suspect at Pier 5, and then tag the person your suspect meets outside The Shop. After traveling to the Transamerica Pyramid and the Doctor, the new target goes to the Cable Car Barn where he is assaulted by two others.
Head for Cable Car Barn (map 2)
Cable Car Barn If you look through the upper doors, you will see robots in the building. Ride in with the cable car that passes by.
You need to flip the switch on the right side of the generator in the upper right corner - drive the tram as far as possible, then hop off, flip the switch and go for the secret door at the bottom right.
The parked cable car is full of corpses! Look at the side of the car to see posters of Manhunter: New York and Manhunter 3: London.
Look into the car to find the suspect. Phil once again got to him. Check his hand and the note in his belt - it was handed to him by a slave just before he was murdered and reads "They have almost reached Life. Bring us to Hell and we will show you Freedom. Beware the surface robots. Please hurry!"
Phil had an accomplice at the Cable Car Barn: access the tracker, tag the 2nd suspect at pier, then the second suspect at the store and then Phil's accomplice (since you can't tag Phil himself). After killing the suspect at the Cable Car Barn they head for the Dr.'s house (where they kill the doctor and the freed slave) and then Phil's accomplice goes to a private club.
Enter the wharf again and use the tram to exit the building.
Press F3 and the Orbs will override the system, asking the identity of the suspects. You have none, so press ENTER to proceed.

DAY 3: Assignment: Investigate body on sign at Ghirardelli Square

Manhunter's apartment An orb gives you your assignment. You open the MAD to see two suspects arrive at Ghirardelli Square, two other suspects also arrive at the scene. Suspect 1 stays put while suspect 2 is chased by suspect 3. Suspect 1 then gets into a fight with suspect 4. While other suspects leave, your tagged target (suspect 2) stays there.
Exit the house and, before heading to Ghirardelli Square, go to the private club (map 1).
Private club Knock on the door and the non-human, looking through the peek hole, will squeeze the life out of you.
Head for the laundry to see if it's open (map 5).
Laundry Enter, walk up to the woman and give her the laundry receipt that you took from the dead Dragon near the Bank of Canton. She'll go into the back room, return, and beckon you to follow her into the back room where you see the slave you rescued yesterday. You are knocked out by another guy and locked into the storage room.
A few hours later the slave frees you. Before going out, get the walking stick in the corner.
Head for Ghirardelli Square (map 1).
Ghirardelli Square Move towards the rope. You'll see a severed paw on the ground and a trail of blood! Get the paw and take a look into the darkness. Dead again...
Climb the rope to the roof and cross the wooden board. You find the suspect hanging high above you. Climb to the suspect, avoiding the sparks (save the game often).

Don't touch him, but use the walking stick to remove the ring from the man's neck. Notice the design of the ring.
Climb (or fall) down and head for the shop (map 3).
Shop Give the owner the rat's paw and you can now play his game. (Save the game after each win)
Keep your eye on the Ace: he'll shuffle the cards and you need to point ts location. Win three times and you can chose between a lantern or a flashlight. Don't take either! Play again, and he will offer you one of two rat masks. Select the mask with the eye holes.
Head for the private club (map 1).
Private Club Walk to the door, wear the rat mask and knock on the door to go in.
The rat-mutants inside are rolling dice, playing for body parts! Look at the arm - it's the arm that was missing from the dead slave at the doctor's house! Note the "S" mark on the inside of the forearm, and write down the letters on the hand palm - "UNNC".
While the first rat gets lucky with the dice, the second rat doesn't and he cuts off his own finger!
Your turn to play, and you lose, but they figure out you're not a real rat and pull off your mask.
Quickly Give them the urine in the remedy bottle to distract them, then quickly grab the hatchet and get out of there!
Return to Ghirardelli Square (map 1)
Ghirardelli Square Climb up to the roof using the rope. This time enter the window to the left. You'll fall down the stairs and find a locked gate. Use the ring to open it.
Cut-scene: Phil uses the Viewer to look in on the Orbs' underground operations.
You literally fall on the king who's temporarily knocked out, destroying the viewer in the process, which explodes. Very quickly grab the ornamental Orb before Phil has time to recover.
Phil lost an arm due to the explosion - he's part machine! He throws you at the rats!
Quickly use the camera to blind the rats and escape.
Hyde Street Pier You resurface at Hyde Street Pier.
Use the tracker and tag the person who waits at the bottom of the rope at the Ghirardelli Square. He struggles with the other suspect but then both go to the wax museum, Zac West's address. Go there (map 1).
Wax Museum Enter the museum, using the mallet on the statue.
Go to the second exhibit and look at the corpse in the brown robe.
Notice the stitches in the tie - it's Noah Goring.
Use the fang from inventory to cut the tie open and recover the Orb card he mentioned in the letter to the doctor.
For a death sequence and some gore, you can climb the chimney in the third exhibit if you like.
Head for Hyde Street Pier (map 1).
Hyde Street Pier Climb down the steps on the left, enter the water and climb up the pier pillar. Use the hatchet to knock a hole in the crate to climb in it and head for Alcatraz.
Alcatraz After arrival in the warehouse, use the hatchet to get out of the crate - you'll lose the hatchet in the process.
You find the mutants of Dr. Goring, his failed experiment, which he said could help defeat the Orbs.
Look at the second cage of the middle row to find the mutant you saw in your vision (the old man's daughter, Ming) and show her the statue. Ming will trust you now.
Look at the cell door access machine on the left and insert the Orb card. Then use the Orb-on-a-stick on the scanner.
The mutants are freed. Ming grabs you and takes you to a hot air balloon while the mutants dive in the water, heading for the city. Ming joins them.
Look at the mechanism above you and turn the handle to activate the gas flow. Use the matches to light the gas and take off.
Remember Goring's note to the doctor - "you must reach Hell, but all entrances are guarded". Also remember the message from the busts in the Temple - "the Castle is the gateway to Hell". Land on the castle - the structure on the lower left of the large Tower (Coit Tower).
You land on the tower, but fall out of the balloon and through a skylight. You plummet down a shaft and land in front of a control panel, squashing the Orb who was working there.
Hell Meanwhile the mutants have just reached the mainland and are wreaking havoc among the Orbs.

Look at the control panel: the 3 rooms, shown as larger dark-gray squares, are code-named.
- upper-left room: "slavery"
- upper-right room: "hell", this is the control room you're currently in.
- lower-left room: "freedom" The lava pool stretching across the bottom is labeled "life" (remember the note from slave, "they have almost reached Life").

The sensors on the left allow you to see rooms with lava (yellow, currently selected), slaves (blue) and robots (red).

Gates are shown in green with "X" being a closed gate and "O" being an open gate.
You can move the slaves and robots by selecting them and you can open and close the gates to control the flow of the lava.

1) Close all of the gates.
2) Move all of the slaves into the room code-named "Slavery" (upper left room, doesn't contain robots).
3) Move all of the robots into the small room at the bottom center.
4) Open the three lava gates as indicated below (above and to the right of the room with robots, and to the left of the rooms leading to the top center).

After the cut scene of the Orb strongholds being destroyed and mutant turning back to humans, select the "slaves" sensor and lead them to the "hell" room ("Bring us to Hell and we will show you Freedom"). They will take you to the freedom room and put you in the cockpit of a large drilling machine, codenamed "Freedom".
You have to insert the code, using the blue buttons, before you can operate it - it was written on the hand of the slave who's arm was severed: UNNC
Then press the red button on top and look at the display screen to launch the drill.
Beneath San Francisco Tunnel up behind the Ferry Building, right on the water's edge. Save often!

Ferry building Phil flees in his Orb ship and you manage to cling on, heading for the next adventure (which sadly never comes) in London.