Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers


Opening screen
St. Georges Bookstore
interrogations are done in these conversation screens throughout the game.
Grandma Knight's house
Granny's attic
The New Orleans Police Department
Distracting the police on Jackson Square
Murder scene at the lake
Love at first sight
Mosely's office
Dixieland Drug Store, where Willy sells all kinds of grigri.
Almost every evening, Gabe returns to his bookstore.
Gabe can't just walk in the Gedde Estate.
Talking with Malia Gedde.
The voodoo museum, owned by Dr John.
Voodoo code on one of the tombs in St. Louis Cemetery #1.
Questioning the groundskeeper of Saint Louis Cemetery #1
Moonbeam, the fortuneteller, dances wit her snake.
Gabe's office/bedroom/library
Malia just visited her family tomb, stalked by Gabe.
Professor Hartridge giving a very "exciting" lecture about voodoo.
Professor Hartridge's office
The St. Louis Cathedral
I'm sure the pastor won't miss a few of his belongings...
Only a disguise will get Gabe into Madam Casaunoux's house.
Inside Madam Cazaunoux's house
The Napoleon House
Gabe gets an unexpected visitor
Viewpoint at Jackson Square
Crash doesn't look too good
Professor Hartridge doesn't look too good either...
Gabe gets unexpectedly attacked by a large snake.
The fortuneteller on Jackson Square seems possessed
They've been in the bookstore at night.
Nope, it isn't dead yet.
Using the tracking device in the swamp
St. John's Eve
St. John's Eve
St. John's Eve
St. John's Eve