Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Grace heads for the church
Grace goes to the church
Taking a church pamphlet
Knocking on the abbe's door
In the abbe's office
Arnaud in his office
In the Abbe's office
Trio goes out for a drink
Gabe sheepishly invites Grace
Grace is mad at Gabe
Buccheli and Baza have a drink
Chatting with Lady Howard and Estelle
Care for Bridge?
Guests play Bridge
Grace in the church
Tilted square
Pleased with the progress
Somebody knocks on the door
Wilkes at the door
Wilkes is drunk
Grace is not pleased
Wilkes boasts about his discovery
Stumbling in Wilkes' room
Wilkes is wasted
Grace searches the room
A map lies on Wilkes' bed
Wilkes explains his strategy
Grace plays along
Wilkes stares at Grace's butt
Wilkes' eyes are focussed
Wilkes is totally drunk
Wilkes explains his map
Grace plays dumb
Wilkes' map
Wilkes harrasses Grace
Grace defends herself
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