Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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John is thrown on the ground
John is unconscious
Grace runs into Gabriel
Why was Grace in Wilkes' room?
Grace teases Gabe
Grace goes to Mosely's room
Day 3: 2AM
Simone sleeps on the desk
RLC by night
The villa by night
Tour Magdala by night
The church by night
Going to Larry's house
What is Larry up to?
Digging at 2AM?
What did he burry there?
Re-opening the hole
The bloodline manuscript!
Take prints from the bloodline
A black sedan passes
Chateau de Serras by night
The Scotts were here!
Scaring Mosely
Talking about Grace
Vampires watch the unicorn
Vampires approach the unicorn
A vampire pulls out a knife
Catching the blood of the unicorn
Drinking unicorn blood
Vmpire grown a unicorn horn
Gabe wakes up
Gabe wakes up
A vampire enters the room
Gabriel can't move
The vampire stares at Gabriel
Watching helplessly
Grace's shirt opens
The vampire licks Grace
Gabe throws himself off the couch
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