Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Who leaves these notes?
Observing from Chateaux de Blanchfort
Bucchelli's moped
Complete map of the area
Arrival at Orange Rock
Orange Rock
Recovering the manuscript
Multiple prints
Was about Dr. Wen right?
Prince James' and Larry's cars
Cat fight
Prince James
Prince james sees Grace
Talking with Prince James
the prince is looking for Gabriel
Finalizing Le Serpent Rouge
Mose calls Grace to the dining room
Day 3: 3pm - 6pm
Meeting in the dining room
Mose stole the manuscript first
Madeline stole the manuscript from Mose
Buchelli gets angry when accused
Grace shows the evidence
Everybody tells their story
Mose is now CIA
Hired by Prince James
Madeline flirts with Gabe
In Villa Bathania
Discussing the manuscript
Larrie mumbles angrily
Prince James explains
Prince James explains
Taking Estelle's print
Climbing the fence
Marceaux comes outside
Gabe asks for another meeting
Marceaux calls Montreaux
Closed due to circumstances
Gabe convinces Montreaux
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