Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Grace questions Estelle
Grace shows Le Serpent Rouge
Estelle shows photographs
Grace observes the photographs
Talking about Dr. Wen
Photographs of Egyptian artifacts
Dr. Wen had an accident
A strange object
Grace wonders what it is
Time to talk with Baza
In Emilio's room
Emilio was the secret helper
In Emilio's room
Emilio will explain it all
Emilio tells the story
Grace listens attentively
The bloodline
Members of the brotherhood make sure Josef of the House of David marries Marie
Josef and Marie getting married
Auspicious signs
Seeking safety in Egypt
Jesus was the Kanosh Kanaja
Jesus returned to Jerusalem
Jesus wanted to fulfill the prophecies
Fulfilling all prophecies
A follower wanted to be immortal too
Sinei the initiate
Sinei convinced Ali, son of the Brotherhood master
Ali tells is father about the heresy of Sinei
Sinei and his followers are expelled
Sinei decided to steal the blood
Sinei arrived too late
Emilio tells his story
The adepts have mixed the blood in their own bodies
Montreaux will be Rex Mundi incarnate
Day 3: 9pm - midnight
Planning the temple infiltration
Mesmi will join
Baza warns about traps
Emilio will stay with Grace
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