Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Adrienne starts crying
Don reacts confused
Adrienne collapses
Adrienne is devastated
Adrienne cries on the bed
The image becomes horrifying
Harriet is ready for work
Adrienne lists the tasks
Anything else?
Harriet takes the newspaper
Keep your secrets to yourself
The bottle is nearly empty
Time for a tarot reading
Dealing the cards
Picking eight cards
Harriet analyzes the cards
Adrienne doesn't believe in tarot readings
Exiting through the backdoor
Cyrus is poking at Spazz
Caught in the act
Leave my cat alone!
Chopping wood
Asking Cyrus about the greenhouse
Cyrus waits at the chasm
Cyrus jumps across the chasm
Cyrus pushes the tree down
Adrienne is astonished by Cyrus' strength
Cyrus shows off his biceps
Crossing the chasm
Path to the greenhouse
Adrienne spots something on the ground
A lens
The greenhouse
Attaching the lens
Peeking through the scope
A tower room
Adrienne notices a new room
The greenhouse
The green house
A trowel lies on the floor
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