Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Adrienne sees Hortencia gardening
Adrienne looks confused
Carno enters the greenhouse
Carno picks up the trowel
The trowel is sharp
Carno has an evil plan
Hortencia is scared
Carno rubs his hand on Hortencia's cheek
Carno attacks Hortencia
Hortencia is stabbed in the mouth
Adrienne gasps from disgust
Hortencia faces death
Carno shovels sand into her mouth
Adrienne is horrified
Hortencia is dead
Adrienne runs out of the greenhouse
Adrienne cries
Recovering for a moment
Looking into a plant pot
Hortencia's remains
Broken pot in the greenhouse
Hortencia's corpse
A car arrives
Another car on the driveway
The telephone guy has arrived
Meeting Mike
Mike is impressed by the place
Is Adrienne flirting?
A necklace on the table
Adrienne hears Carno and Marie
The necklace vanished
Reading Hortencia's diary
Don wants Harriet and Cyrus out
A room behind the wall
The attic
Paintings of Carno's wives
A chest in the attic
Content of the chest
An amulet
A brooch
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