Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Carno suspects something is wrong
Marie puts fire to Carno's mask
Time to escape
Carno's feet are stuck
Carno's hands are stuck
Carno realizes he's trapped
The fire is becoming unbearable
Carno is ripping until he bleeds
Carno is facing death
Carno's head is fully ablaze
Gaston and Marie watch Carno burn
The blade is about to hit
Carno appears in the mirror
Carno appears in the mirror
Gaston and Marie celebrate their freedom
Gaston reads a book
Carno overwhelms Gaston
Adrienne hears Marie calling Gaston
The Hockadays are packing
Harriet is packing
Harriet explains their departure
Cyrus is packing
Adrienne shows Malcolm's picture
Malcolm appears
Adrienne listens to Malcolm's story
The demon in the chest
Carno in the altar room
Malcolm tells his story
Carno in the hospital
Malcolm watches from the secret passage
Carno's revenge
Young Malcolm watches
Marie on the chair
Gaston stabs Carno
Carno is fatally wounded
Gaston's last heroic act
The demon leaves Carno's body
Carno crawls to the crypt
Carno makes a cross
Young Malcolm picks up the book
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