Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Young Malcolm in the chapel
Young Malcolm imprisons the demon
Mike offers help to Adrienne
Adrienne likes Mike
Mike approaches his truck
Mike is attacked
Don kills Mike
Don laughs hysterically
Don has lost his mind
Chapter 7
Don in the dressing room
Adrienne is packing
Adrienne picks up a picture
Adrienne recalls their love
Memory of the good times
Don puts paint on his face
Don laughs like a madman
The laptop is destroyed
The painting is completed
The demon
The front door is shut tight
The backdoor is shut tight
Can't break the window
Trapped inside
The magic book is gone
The door is finally open
The dark room
Turning on the light
Witnessing Don's work
Beheaded pictures decorate the wall
Adrienne's beheaded picture
Don switches off the light
Don confronts Adrienne
A woman's head is useless
Hysterical laughter
chasing Adrienne
Don strangles Adrienne
Adrienne is strangled to death
Adrienne reaches for drain cleaner
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