Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Running to the nursery
A piece of glass on the floor
Running to the conservatory
Running towards the secret passage
Don reverses the elevator
Jumping from the elevator
Mike's body
Running into the theater
Harriet is here
Don scalped Harriet
Harriet's body
Hiding in the closet
Don approaches the closet
Stabbing Don with the fire poke
Running to the theater
Adrienne is tied to the device
Don puts Adrienne on the device
Attaching Adrienne to the device
Using a hammer is futile...
The hammer didn't work
Don pulls the lever
Adrienne screams her lungs out
Blade at 12 o'clock
Moment before impact
The blade splits Adrienne's head
That will leave a mark...
Recovering the snowman
Adrienne slips
Blood drips on Adrienne
Cyrus' body
Running to the crypt
A small surprise for Don
That will buy some time
Running away from the crypt
Running down the tunnel
Caught again
Don slaps Adrienne
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