Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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I'll get your goddamn drain cleaner!
Adrienne hears music upstairs
The record was playing
Somebody has been drinking absinthe
Strangers dwell among you
In the general store
Buying drain cleaner
Buyng drain cleaner
Paying Harv
Harv the store keeper
The general store
The meat section
Free a soup bones
Leaving the store
Entering the antiques store
The antiques store
Talking to a customer
The antiques store
Meeting Lou Ann
Lou loves Adrienne's novels
At the antiques store
Lou Ann
A glass display case
A beautiful crucifix
The crucifix is too expensive
Bob is busy with a client
Can't you see I'm busy?!
The carriage house is open
The carriage house
Adrienne hears something
Spazz surprises Adrienne
Somebody is watching
The carriage house
Used cooking pots
Don comes on the scene
Don kicks the pots away
Adrienne calms Don
Don snatches the drain cleaner
Don locked himself in
Don won't let Adrienne in
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