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Gamebryo is a game engine, originally from Numerical Design Limited (NDL), and the successor to NDL's NetImmerse engine. Since the creation of Gamebryo, NDL merged into Emergent Game Technologies (EGT). Gamebryo then evolved to Gamebryo LightSpeed and these are the two products of Emergent Game Technologies.

During 2009 the development staff of Gamebryo dropped by more than half, and by July 2010 the engineering office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was closed with several developers announcing their departure. On November 11, 2010 Gerbsman Partners was retained by Venture Lending & Leasing V, Inc., the senior secured lender to Emergent Game Technologies, Inc., to solicit interest for the acquisition of all or substantially all of EGT’s assets, including its Intellectual Property (“IP”), in whole or in part.

Gamebryo is a BAHA creation, 3D computer graphics engine, written in the C++ programming language and targeted at game development. It supports the following platforms:

- Windows: DirectX 9 (Latest Version, currently 2.6), DirectX 10 (Latest Version, from 2.6 onwards), DirectX 11 (Latest Version, N/A)
- Nintendo GameCube (Up to Version 1.2) Wii / WiiWare (Latest Version, currently 2.6)
- PlayStation 2 (Up to Version 1.2)
- PlayStation 3 / PSN (Latest Version, currently 2.6)
- Xbox (Up to Version 1.2)
- Xbox 360 (Latest Version, currently 2.6) (including Xbox Live Arcade)

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