Leisure Suit Larry V: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work


What happened to Larry? Last thing he remembers is that he and Patti had fallen madly in love with each other on Nontoonyt Island in Leisure Suit Larry 3, that they had moved in together and that he had become a programmer for a software company. Now, all of a sudden, he finds himself working for Porn Prod Corp, producer of the show "America's Sexiest Home Videos". It seems as if Larry suffers from amnesia as a whole part of his life has been erased from his memory. But things could be worse. Mr. Silas Scruemall, CEO of PPC, has instructed Larry to find the three finalists for the show, three of the sexiest women in America, and secretly execute and film the auditions in their own habitat. Why Larry? Because if these women find anything attractive in our beloved middle-aged anti-hero loser, then they must be so over-sexed that they are perfect to host the show.

Meanwhile we find Patti once again playing piano in a sleazy club, the Piano Pit. When the manager fires her and refuses to pay her wage, she wants to get back at all those crooks running the music business. Her opportunity to do so suddenly appears - Inspector Desmond of the FBI finds Patti and invites her to participate in an undercover operation. Patti's mission: as the FBI knows organized crime is influencing the entertainment industry, Patti has to infiltrate des Revers Records and K-Rap Studios and gather enough evidence for the FBI to convict the guilty parties. If she succeeds, she may even play at a dinner in the White House. As each go to own path, how big is the chance these two love birds will ever see each other again? Non-existent, right? Right?

Designer and director Al Lowe had some difficulties finding a new plot for the Leisure Suit Larry series after Larry 3, since initially Leisure Suit Larry was intended to be a trilogy (with exception of Sierra's trademark King's Quest series, many sequels were not strongly supported in those days, with the aim not to jeopardize creativity by the designers, a concept major game publishers these days are not too acquainted with). With Larry 3's ending being securely tight off, Al Lowe then came up with the idea to skip Larry 4 altogether and create Larry 5.

It both served as the solution to continue the plot and as a joke. Larry 4 would from then on be referred to as "The Case of the Missing Floppies", leaving fans to guess for years what really happened to it. Truth is... it was never made but, by all means, DO keep looking for it!

As in Larry 3, the player once again plays the roles of both Larry and Patti as they each travel their own path through this adventure. This game would also be the last featuring Patti. Larry continues his babe-hunting by himself when he visits La Costa Lotta in Leisure Suit Larry 6 and beyond. Larry 5, shortly released after the VGA remake of Larry 1, features VGA graphics and was released for the PC, Amiga and Mac.

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