Lords of the Realm II


The year is 1268, and the throne of England sits empty. The lands of England and Wales are ruled by powerful feudal nobles who do as they please and answer to no authority. They wage constant war with their private armies and cruelly oppress the lesser folk of the land. The people cry out for a single leader who can unite the lands under one great and powerful kingdom.

You are that leader. You and you alone have the strength and the wisdom to build an empire and rule it with honor and skill. But the road to the throne will be a bloody one. Even as your struggle begins, your enemies are raising armies, building massive castles, and swearing alliances against you. A dark and terrible war is ahead.
Can you turn a remote hamlet of fields and forests into a thriving community? Can you keep your people healthy and safe? Can you turn a ragged band of peasants into a mighty army? Do you have what it takes to be king? Only time will tell.

Lords of the Realm II is a medieval turn-based strategy game, involving county management and conquest, with real-time combat scenes. The game also has an expansion pack, the Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack.

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