Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon


What a tragedy! King Angoulafre's son has disappeared! The governess, who was with him at the time, saw him be carried off by a winged creature. Has he been kidnapped? Will he, still so young and confident, be able to resist horrendous treatment at the hands of the infamous torturer? Driven by despair, Angoulafre rushes off to see Modemus, the wise man, in the hope that he with the aid of his magical powers, will be able to find the child. It was true - the Prince had definitely been kidnapped. His captor is a horrible demon called Amoniak from afar, distant land, a land so distant that it can only be reached by magic. Domenic, a powerful warrior and king of this kingdom has been seized by this demon who now rules over the starving subjects of this land. To take revenge against the noble Angoulafre who had defeated him fifty years earlier in hand-to-hand combat, Amoniak has made the Prince his jester!

What else is there to do but to call upon several daring adventurers, ever-ready to confront a ferocious dragon in the name of honor and glory? Who should show up but two talented goblins, as different as they are complimentary to each other, ready to rescue the delicate child from the clutches of the cunning demon. Fingus is a serious, polite and careful little fellow. Winkle is an oddball and a joker, cheeky and reckless.

Instead of playing with three Goblins, each with their own clearly defined abilities, in Gobliiins, you'll play with just two goblins in this game and their abilities are far from clear, so the game takes a lot more trial and error to find the correct solutions of the puzzles. In addition Gobliins 2 takes place in several worlds divided into multiple screens, so that the solution of each world needs a more extensive search than the one-screen puzzles of its predecessor. And finally, timing has become a crucial part in the puzzle-solving process in a way that both goblins have to perform specific actions simultaneously at the exactly correct time to proceed. All this makes Gobliins 2 much harder and challenging game.

Gobliins 2, designed by Coktel Vision, was released for the Atari, Amiga, DOS and Windows 3x.

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