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For thousands of years the two kingdoms ruled by Queen Xina and King Bodd have competed fiercely to be the first to conquer the labyrinth in the bowels of Mount Foliandre. According to legend the goblin who manages to come through all the tests in the Labyrinth of Foliandre will win eternal benefit for his people. So far, all those who have tried their luck have returned completely insane, and a river of bitterness continues to flow from the mountain through the two hostile kingdoms. For many years this ancestral struggle has captivated the attention of the greatest historians and especially the readers of Goblin News. Blount, one of the most talented journalists of the newspaper, has dreamed of obtaining a sensational scoop for a long time.

But recently there have been new and alarming developments. Behorn, the guardian of the labyrinth and the only person who can guarantee that the tests have been passed fairly, has just died of old age. This is bad news, plus the disturbing discovery that the key to the entrance has disappeared! Even more serious, Behorn's daughter, Wynonna, cannot be found! Has Wynonna been kidnapped? Is she in danger? Without the key, how can the champions try to overcome the obstacles of the labyrinth? Has one of the monarchs stolen the key to be able to explore the labyrinth, despite what the rules say? Blount wants to find the answers to these questions. He has made up his mind. He will go to the two kingdoms and interview the two rivals.

Goblins Quest 3, designed by Muriel Tramis and Pierre Gilhodes is the last Goblins game published by Sierra On-Line. Although this time there is only one protagonist, each level features a second character to aid him in his quest, such as Chump the parrot, Fulbert the boa and Ooya the sage, although none of these characters can pick up objects. Like in Gobliins 2, both characters often have to work together simultaneously to solve puzzles. In addition, Blount changes into a werewolf when he is exposed to the moon, making him stronger and more agile. During one of the levels you'll also play as Wynonna.

Goblins 3 was released for DOS and the Amiga and has both a floppy release and CD-ROM release with voice overs.

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