Lords of the Realm II: Royal Edition (a.k.a. Lords: Royal Collection)

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UPC-A: 0-20626-70315-4

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LotR 1 manual
LotR 1 Castle Siege & Battle Manual
LotR 1 Technical Supplement & Tutorial
LotrR 1: England Under Edward I
LotR 1 Quick Reference Card
LotrR 1 Realm Map
LotR 2 manual (actual manual has no color images)
LotR 2 Getting Started
Lords of the Realm 2: Siege Pack manual

Also includes other video clips of Civil War General 2 (live action scenes, game play and level creation) and Lords of Magic (terrain editing and game play)

Also contains a playable demo of Caesar 2 for the Macintosh.

Captives trailer
Civil War Generals 2 promo
Lords of Magic trailer
Power Chess trailer

Civil War General I Demo
Cyber Gladiators Demo
Front Page Sports: Golf Demo
Hunter Hunted Demo
Missionforce Cyberstorm demo
Outpost 2 Demo
Shivers 2 Demo
The Realm Demo

Rudy All scans & LotR1 PDFs (630 points)