Island of Dr. Brain (The)


Publication page ID: 1519
Publication: InterAction: Fall 1991

GAMES: Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery (The) (1), Aces of the Pacific (1), Quest for Glory III: Wages of War (1), Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero (1), Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA) (1), Willy Beamish 2 (1), Island of Dr. Brain (The) (1), Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (1), Front Page Sports: Football (1), Betrayal at Krondor (1), Aces over Europe (1), Rise of the Dragon (1)
GROUPS: Aces Series (1), Based on movies, books or other media (1), Dr. Brain Series (1), Football Pro Series (1), Front Page Sports Series (1), Krondor Series (1), Laura Bow Series (1), Police Quest Series (1), Quest for Glory Series (1), Sierra Discovery Series (1), Unreleased (1), Willy Beamish series (1)
PEOPLE: John Williams (1)
DEVELOPERS: Sierra On-Line (0), Dynamix (0)