Police Quest III: The Kindred


The menu bar

When you move the mouse to the top of the game screen, the menu bar will appear.

Walk/exit icon: Click on the first icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a walk icon. Then click on a location on the screen to walk there.

Eye icon: Click on the second icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into an eye icon. Then click on a location on the screen to observe objects, people and so on.

Hand icon: Click on the third icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a hand icon. Then click on any object or person on the screen to touch, activate or pick up items. Items which are picked up are placed in the inventory.

Talk icon: Click on the fourth icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a talk icon. Then click on a person on the screen to talk to him or her and get a response.

Current item icon: in the small window, right to the talk icon, is the inventory item which is currently selected. click it or right-click the mouse for the cursor to change into the inventory item and click it anywhere on the screen to use it on a person or item. When no inventory item is selected, this window will be blanked out.

Inventory icon: click on the inventory icon to open the inventory screen.

In this window, you can look at, activate or select inventory items. You can also combine inventory items, for example by using the batteries on the flashlight. To select an inventory item, click the select icon (the arrow icon), then click on the desired inventory item and then click "OK" to return to the game screen. The selected inventory item will be displayed in the menu bar.

Settings icon: click on the icon with the slider bars to display the game control panel.

In the control panel, you can save, restore, restart or quit the game. You can also change various settings, such as the detail (though that make no difference when playing in DOSBox), game speed and volume. By clicking on the HalfDome icon, you see information on tech support and game credits.

Driving the car

Before the assault on Marie at the end of day 1, Sonny will be driving the police cruiser. From day 2 on, he will be assigned to homicide again and drive his own unmarked car. The interior of both cars are the same.

Occasionally Sonny will drive automatically to a certain location, such as the hospital, Oak Tree Mall or the police station. When he leaves the police station, he'll always drive off automatically and drive south 6th toward the Rose intersection. When he leaves from another location and does not drive automatically to another location, you'll have to fire up the engine (1) first. When you do so, the road pop-up screen (3) will appear. By moving the mouse on the pop-up screen, you can increase the speed (2), decrease the speed or stop, or take a turn.

A few things about the speed. You can drive as fast or slow as you want (top speed is 100mph). You won't collide in any other car because there aren't any. The only place where you will run into other cars is when you're patrolling the freeway on day 1, and even if you approach those at the top speed, your car will slow down automatically so you won't hit any of them. Beware of two things though: 1) if you get to an intersection, make sure NOT to take a turn at a speed faster than 55mph, or you'll miss the turn, crash and die. 2) make sure to STOP at stop marks. Not doing so will result in a 5-point deduction of your game score. Stop lines are located at every T-section or corner of the Lytton city map, so at the map's edges.

When you encounter a driver which is breaking the traffic rules, be sure to check their license plate BEFORE switching on the siren. To do so, click the computer (4) and insert the car's plate to see who you're dealing with. Then enable the siren (5) to pull the driver over.

Finally, there is also a tracker (6) in the car. while you can enable the tracker at any time to see the city map (7) (engine must be running), it is of course really needed when tracking another car to which a tracking device has been attached in order to see the car's precise location. This occurs only once in the game.