Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals


After having saved Nontoonyt island from the evil Dr Nonookee, becoming the local hero of the tribal inhabitants and marrying the beautiful Kalalau in Leisure Suit Larry 2, the island has evolved into a tourist trap with hotels, health spas and casinos. One day when Larry comes home, Kalalau announces she has arranged a divorce from him. In addition, Larry loses his job at Natives Inc, managed by Kalalau's father, chief Kennywawa. For a brief moment, Larry considers desperate measures, but then quickly decides to become the good old swinger again. This time however, he will improve his chances at the ladies by bulking up completely, so watch out, ladies, the incredible dork is on the hunt!

First Larry meets the beautiful blonde, Tawni, on the beach. Her hunger for souvenirs and buying fever are easily bypassed with Larry's worthless credit card. It will take more wits to get some action from the dancer Cherri Tart and lawyer Suzi Cheatem though. And then there's still of course Bambi, the aerobics teacher in Fat City who'd do anything to sell her video tape. The ultimate target however is the piano lounge player, Passionate Patti, who already introduced herself in Nonookee's lair at the end of Leisure Suite Larry 2. Once they spend the night together, it is pure love.

Unfortunately Patti made one big mistake - she murmured the name of another man... When Patti discovers that Larry has left, she goes for a search for the man of her life, crossing a bamboo maze, climbing from cliffs and across chasms, facing a wild boar and attempting a log ride on a wild river. When they finally are together again, they escape a tribe of cannibal amazons and end up in the studio of Sierra Online.

This story could only come from the twisted mind of Al Lowe of course. Leisure Suit Larry was originally planned to be a trilogy with this game being its final part. Hence the ending of the game where Larry lives happily ever after as programmer of the Leisure Suite Larry series for Sierra On-Line, with Patti as the love of his life. When Al Lowe wanted to make another Larry game, he had the end of this game so tightly closed off, he had problems finding a plot for the sequel, which is one of the reasons there isn't a Larry 4 in the series. Larry 3 is also the first Larry game where you play as two characters - Larry and Patti. As Larry 2 was far less raunchy than Land of the Lounge Lizards, many fans asked Sierra to return to Larry's original concept - more women and more sex, which Sierra delivered in this game. Leisure Suit Larry 3 uses the SCI game engine and EGA graphics.

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