Black Cauldron (The)


Disney asked Al Lowe to do a movie spin-off using a simplified interface in order to make it more accessible for children. Arrow keys control the movement of the character but, instead of using a text parser, the character's actions are controlled with 4 function keys: to select, use, do or look. These are the combinations in the game:

Action Key Description
SELECT F3 Selecting an inventory item to use.
USE F4 Using the currently selected inventory item.
DO F6 Picking up stuff, opening doors, interacting, etc...
LOOK F8 Looking at the environment or certain objects

In addition there are the traditional short cuts to enable/disable sound (F2), save (F5), restore (F7) and restart (F9). More options are available by accessing the menu (ESC), such as adjusting the game speed, opening the inventory (TAB) and so on.