Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out


Game toolbar

Leisure Suit Larry 6 is a point-and-click game, using various icons to trigger different actions. Note that there are different versions of Larry 6. The first VGA release did not have speech, but only text boxes, and the screen was arranged differently. The icons however are the same. The toolbar shown below is from the later SVGA version with speech. The version included in various Leisure Suit Larry Collections is the earlier VGA version.

The Exit icon is used to exit a close-up screen, for example to exit from talking to a girl, or to exit the mud bath. The icon will only be visible when the player is in such a close-up. Otherwise it is a Walk icon, enabling players to walk all over the game map.

The eye icon is to observe various objects or people. Keep in mind that characters can be viewed in detail. For example the player can look at Gammy's hand, arm, neck, breasts, mouth, eyes and hair. All of these will give different reactions.

The hand icon is not intended to pick up things, but rather to touch or activate things. The player can use it to touch women at different places, to open doors, to throw a switch and so on. It can also be used to investigate items in the inventory, for example to open the sunglasses case.

The pick-up icon is to pick up things and place them in the inventory. It is also used to pick up things from the inventory. In that case the mouse icon will change into the selected inventory item. Inventory items can also be used on other inventory items.

The talk icon is to talk to various people. You can try to talk to objects for some funny reactions, too.

The zipper icon has multiple purposes. The main purpose is of course to initiate sex. But it can also be used on anybody for Larry to show them his you-know-what. It can even be used to light a match!

The number in the middle of the toolbar is the game score. The maximum score that can be achieved in Larry 6 is 1000 points. How is that possible, since there are only 3 digits? Well... the score counter breaks out of your screen when you achieve it (not literally of course)

The icons in the green field on the right, are the inventory items. Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll through them.

Game menu

Selecting File allows the player to start a new game, open an existing game, save the game, save the game under a different slot, or to leave the game.

Selecting Game gives the following options. The player can turn on or off the "Save-O-Matic" which prompts saving the game after major events. Selecting Auto-save allows to change the time interval when the game prompts the player to store the game. "Music on/off" explains itself. In "Controls", the player can change the detail level (though it did not make any difference to me, probably due to running it under Windows XP), the volume of the music (the speech version of Larry 6 does not have a volume setting for speech), the speed (walking speed that is). There is also a setting for the level of filth. Do try to change it :-).

Selecting Help will help the player with the game interface, provide some fun keyboard shortcuts, customer service (no longer available), how to order a hint book (also no longer available), provide info on other Al Lowe games, and list the Larry 6 credits.