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Crates block the way
Your first shotgun
Saving the guard
Some supplies
Jumping from table to table
Head crab attack
Keep the head low
In the false ceiling
Falling through the ceiling
Head crabs fall from the ceiling
Moving boxes
Crawling in the ceiling
Ceiling turret
Passage to the offices
Guard takes out head crabs
Guard takes out head crabs
Two guards for support
Guard killed by a vortigaunt
Small office
Shocked by a vortigaunt
Vortigaunts everywhere
Vortigaunt prepares attack
Vortigaunt prepares strike
Disabling a ceiling turret
Barnacle blocks the door
Head crab attack
Help is on the way
Head crabs await at the stairs
A grenade clears the passage
Guard shoots a zombie
Vortigaunt attack
Another guard awaits
Jump between the blades
Crossing across the beams
Guard joins Gordon
Dead bull squid
Dining area
Guard under attack
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