Group: Disney series


The disney series consists of 3 early titles, created between 1984 and 1986: Donald Duck's Playground, Mickey's Space Adventure and Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred-Acre Wood. These 3 games were released in 1984 in a plastic clamshell box, and in 1986 in a cardboard flip box and were edutainment games. Al Lowe, who already had experience in the edutainment genre with games like Dragon's Keep and Troll's Tale, was in charge of the Sierra-Disney Software department.
A 4th title, Goofy's Word Factory, was in production but never hit the shelves, according to Al Lowe. It did have box art though, and was even listed for purchase for the Apple II ($29.95), Commodore 64 ($24.95) and PC ($29.95).
Then in 1986, one final Sierra-Disney was released, The Black Cauldron, based on the Disney movie with the same name. After the release of that title, the cooperation between Sierra and Disney ended.