Rick Spurgeon



Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (1995-12-21)

Lead audio and sound effects
Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams') (1995-08-24)

Police Quest: SWAT (1995-01-01)

Audio Post-Production & Sound Effects
King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride (1994-11-23)

Sound effects
Outpost (1994-06-24)

Sound effects
King's Quest Collector's Edition (1994-01-01)

Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers (1993-12-17)

Music / Sound Programming
Police Quest IV: Open Season (1993-11-27)

Additional Audio
Audio Engineer
Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out (1993-11-06)

Digital Sound Effects
Slater and Charlie Go Camping (1993-05-19)

Audio Technician
Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist (1993-04-16)

Additional Sound Effects
Audio Engineer
Ecoquest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest (1993-02-05)

Audio Technician
Pepper's Adventures in Time (1993-02-05)

Audio Technician
Hoyle 4: Classic Card Games (1993-01-01)

Digital Audio Technician & Sound Effects
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992-01-01)

Music & Sound Effects
Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus (1991-12-23)

Character lip-syncing
Additional Music & Sound Effects
Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (1991-03-04)

Music & Sound Effects