Kenneth (Ken) Rogers



Maximum Pool (a.k.a. Maximum Cueball) (2000-09-14)

Sound Effects
3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers (1999-11-15)

Sound effects
3-D Ultra Cool Pool (1999-08-16)

Sound effects
3-D Ultra Lionel Traintown (1999-08-01)

Sound Design
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars (1998-04-14)

Sound Engineer
Front Page Sports: Ski Racing (1997-12-10)

Video Production: Sound
Red Baron II (1997-10-30)

3-D Ultra Minigolf (1997-04-15)

Sound effects
Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98 (1997-01-01)

Sound Effects
CyberGladiators (1996-11-30)

Sounds Effects
Hunter Hunted (1996-10-18)

Sound effects
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2 (1996-09-30)

Sound Effects
Missionforce: Cyberstorm (1996-06-12)

Sound Engineer
Earthsiege 2 (1996-01-01)

Sound Design
Rama (1996-01-01)

Sound effects
US Video Production
Sri Lanka Video Production
Trophy Bass (1995-10-16)

Music and Sounds
3-D Ultra Pinball 1: Fastest Pinball in Space (1995-01-01)

Voice Recording
Voice Processing
Incredible Toon Machine (The) (1994-11-01)

Music & Sound Effects
Metaltech: Earthsiege (1994-10-25)

Sound FX and Digitized Speech
Incredible Machine 2 (The) (1994-01-01)

Music and Sound Effects
Metaltech: Battledrome (1994-01-01)

Sound FX
Sid & Al's Incredible Toons (1993-11-05)

Music & Sound Effects
Turbo Learning: Mega Math (1993-10-27)

Sound, Voice & Effects
Heart of China (1991-01-01)

Music editor