Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Larry Chester greets the Scots
Secret handshake
The Scots enter Larry's home
Larry checks if somebody followed
Gabriel witnessed from behind a tree
Rennes le Bains
Rennes le Bains
Wilkes and Buchelli have a drinks
Inside Le Greal
The waiter doesn't speak English
Mosely and Grace waited for Gabriel
Mosely talks about the tour
Grace and Mosely
Gabriel demonstrates the handshake
Day 2: 7AM - 10AM
One has to sleeping on the couch
Grace picks up a fingerprint kit
Grace sits to use Sidney
Sidney's main menu
Checking email on Sidney
Searching words on Sidney
Grace finds a book at the door
Grace talks with Jean
La Tour Magdala
Inside the Tour Magdala
Talking with Arnaud on tour Magdala
On the roof of Tour Magdala
Grace asks to join the tour
Madeline overcharges Grace to join the tour
The tour group is ready to go
The tour arrives at Poussin's tomb
Madeline shows Poussin's tomb
Madeline shows a painting related to the tomb
The tour listens to Madeline
The tour group at Poussin's tomb
Emilio is scribbling something on the ground
Poussin's tomb
The tour group at Chateau de Blanchfort
Madeline explains the history of Blanchfort
Madeline the tour guide
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