Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Spying on Larry
Larry leaves his house
Gabriel hides while Larry passes
Turning around the alarm clock
Two o'clock, got it!
Estelle and Emilio run into each other
Emilio picks up his documents
Emilio and Esthelle apologize
Mosely comes in with a bottle
Grace reveals her findings
Searching for prints
Estelle's site
Esthelle doesn't like being questioned
Gabe arrives at chateau de Serres
A fake ID is needed
Gariel greets Montreaux
The tasting room is opened
The tasting room
Marceau pours the wine
Montreaux explains
Gabriel questions Montreaux
Montreaux explains his technique
Gabriel tastes the wine
Gabe pushes Mosely out
Day 2: 5PM - 10PM
Researching parchment 1
Researching parchment 2
The ladies left glasses in the hall
Madeline is flirting with Gabe
Gabe flirts with Madeline
Grace is disgusted
Grace meets Simone
Buccheli is having dinner
Grace leaves the hotel
Chatting with Emilio
Le Serpent Rouge!
Print on the Serpent Rouge
Matching prints on S.I.D.N.E.Y.
The scanned map
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