Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers


After saving the Guys from Andromeda in Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon, Roger Wilco rockets back to his planet, Xenon. He makes a pit stop on the planet Magmetheus where he is spotted by the sequel police, servants of Slash Vohaul. Two unknown men are just in time to save Roger from imminent execution and Roger escapes through a time portal, ending up on his ruined home planet, in... Space Quest XII?! Roger soon learns that a super computer, once a technological marvel, had been infected by the Vohaul virus and that the computer turned against the planet's citizens. What followed was a bloody war with the humans being the underdogs. The computer also unraveled the mysteries of time travel. Running out of options, the last group of survivors turned to the only person who ever managed to destroy Vohaul, you. As Roger travels through time, he also meets the Latex Babes of Estros and even returns to Ulence Flats in Space Quest 1. Eventually he manages to return to Xenon in Space Quest XII with the necessary tools to format the super computer, only to find out that the person who rescued him on Magmatheus, and who has been captured by the sequel police, is his own son...

Space Quest IV, designed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe is the first Space Quest game that, aside from the VGA remake of Space Quest 1, that features VGA graphics and a point-and-click interface. As it was one of Sierra's early VGA games, it was also released in EGA. One year after its first release, it was re-released on CD-ROM with voice overs, introducing voice actor Gary Owens as the narrator of Space Quest. Once again, Sierra almost ran into legal issues with the use of puns referring to other brands. Most notably, Space Quest 4 is known for the Energizer bunny ordeal. But also Radio Shack threatened legal action with the use of the Radio Shock electronics store in the game. It was replaced in the CD-ROM release, which is also included in the multiple Space Quest collections that were later released.

Unfortunately Space Quest IV was the last Space Quest game Scott and Mark designed together as Mark would shortly after its release move to Dynamix where he designed Space Quest V: The Next Mutation, introducing Sierra's daughter company to the SCI engine. To the delight of the fans, Scott and Mark would reunite 20 years later, announcing a new space adventure game, titled SpaceVenture, which they successfully Kickstarted in 2012.

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