Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire


Having freed the land of Spielburg from the evil witch Baba Yaga's curse and the brigands and monsters roaming the forest, and having reunited the children of the baron in Quest For Glory 1 (a.k.a. Hero's Quest), the hero joins his new friends Abdulla, Shameen and Shema to their desert homeland of Shapeir - another land in dire need of a hero. Shapeir's twin city of Raseir has fallen under the iron rule of the new emir, Ali al-Din Hasan, after the sudden disappearance of his brother and former fair and peaceful emir, Arus al Din. Under the supervision of the brutal Raseiran guards, Kattas have been driven out of the city or thrown in the dungeon, the fountain no longer holds water, the city is in disrepair and a curfew is imposed. Smuggling water is a capital punishment and streets have been barricaded.

However, before traveling to Raseir through the vast desert with a caravan, Shapeir itself is in a state of emergency. Elementals of fire, air, earth and wind have been cast upon the city and threaten to destroy it entirely unless a hero manages to stop each of them by using other elements against them. To find out how, you'll need the knowledge of an astrologer, enchantress, wizards, and more, as well as the wares of Katta merchants and others to catch the elementals. Fail in your mission and the strongest and fiercest of all Djinni will be unleashed onto the world.

Chose to become a Fighter, Wizard or Thief and build your skills to defeat the ghouls, scorpions, terrorsaurus, jackalmen and Brigands of the scorching desert, defeat the elementals and free Raseir to be proclaimed hero of Shapeir and son of the Sultan. There are several paths to victory, depending on which character you select, on how you develop his skills. There are however many more paths to death... Chose wisely, the destinies of Shapeir and Raseir are in your hands. Do it honorably, and you may even be proclaimed Paladin by Rakeesh the liontaur and be rewarded with his flaming sword Soulforge.

Quest for Glory 2, designed by Lori and Corey Cole, is the first Sierra game where a character could be imported from its prequel (as well as from the prequel's VGA remake which was released later in 1992), along with that character's skills and attributes. However the game also allows to start a new character from scratch with designation of available points just like in Quest for Glory 1. The Paladin class cannot be selected when creating a new character, but instead is earned by introducing the new Honor stat. The game also introduces the Communication skill, allowing the hero to bargain prices from various vendors.

Released in late 1990, just prior to the release of Sierra's first VGA game, Quest for Glory 2 may very well be the last Sierra game released with EGA graphics only. As shown at the end of the game, originally the third title in the Quest for Glory series was intended to be Quest for Glory 3: Shadows of Darkness but, in order to provide a better transition from Quest for Glory 2, Shadows of Darkness was moved ahead to become Quest for Glory 4 and Wages of War became the third installment. Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire was also remade by fan-based AGDInteractive with VGA graphics and a point-and-click interface.

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