Softporn Adventure



The year is 2020 A.D. Alas, the skies are green with plutonium, interest rates are doubling annually, the world has become weird and bizarre. the demands of life have become too much to bear. At the suggestion of a friend, you've decided to vacation in the notorious gambling town of "Lost Vagueness" where women and games provide maximum diversion for the downtrodden work-a-day man. You set about to fulfill your erotic fantasy to seduce three women before you return.

As the game begins, you find yourself in a sleazy, rundown bar. Check your wallet and you'll find $1,000. The three women await you - but first you must find them! Seducing these ladies will prove to be quite a challenge - so be resourceful and don't leave an area unexplored!

How to play Softporn Adventure

To play Adventure is to enter a fantasy world. This is accomplished by a "puppet" who will be your eyes and ears in the game. He will ask you "WHAT SHALL I DO?" whenever appropriate. Your answer should be one or two words. The program will take the first word entered and try to interpret it as a verb. The second word (when appropriate) it will treat as a noun. Examples are "LOOK WALLET", "GO WEST", "DROP WINE", and "SEDUCE GIRL". "TAKE INVENTORY" will produce a list of what you are carrying. "SCORE" will tell you how successful you have been.

Sometimes you will be asked for a yes or no answer (Y/N). Hitting return after entering your answer is not necessary.

Always answer any other question with a single word - i.e. "WHAT IS THE PASSWORD?" should be answered with "ABRACADABRA", not "SAY ABRACADABRA" (of course the actual password in the game is different).

Casino rules

Money is essential in Softporn Adventure. The only source of money is the casino, where you must gamble to increase your wealth. Two games are offered: a slot machine and a Blackjack table.

The odds are better at the slot machine, but the amount you may bet is fixed ($100). Payoff is $300 with a pair and $1,500 with 3 of a kind. (Holding down "Y" and "Rept" will allow continuous play of the slot machine, once activated.)

Blackjack is an age old gambler's favorite, also known as "21". The object of the game is to get a card total equal to or less than 21, and greater than the dealer's total. Should a total exceed 21 then the player is eliminated from the hand. Blackjack rules are as follows:
- The dealer must hit if his total is below 17.
- Aces count as either 1 or 11, face cards as 10.
- Ties result in no payoff.
- Blackjack (a Jack and an Ace) pays 2 to 1 for the player.
- Minimum bet is $100, no maximum.
- Splits, insurance, and other variations are not allowed.

Saving a game

To save a game, type "SAVE GAME". the program will access the disk and will then ask to install another disk. This disk must already be initialized. Follow the prompts and the game will be saved. It may then be reloaded when desired.