Leisure Suit Larry I: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (VGA)

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Leisure Suit Larry I: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (VGA)

Egg id: 264

On of the programs on the pimp's TV is titled "Naugahyde Goddesses of Oakhurst". Oakhurst is where the offices of Sierra were located.

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Egg id: 265

The name of the bouncer of the disco is Pickhinke, a reference to Mike Pickhinke, who did the quality assurance of the game.

TAGSMike Pickhinke

Egg id: 266

The disco is filled with Sierra staff. At the upper left sits designer Al Lowe. At the same table is Bill Skirvin. At the lower left table sit programmers Oliver Brelsford and Mike Larsen. At the lower right table sit Kevin Ray and Barry Smith. And at the upper right sits animator Roger Hardy.

TAGSAl Lowe, William D. Skirvin, Oliver Brelsford, Mike Larsen, Kevin Ray, Barry T. Smith, Roger Hardy, Jr.

Egg id: 267

Look at the night lamp in the penthouse's bedroom for a reference to Bill Skirvin, art designer and animator of the game.

TAGSWilliam D. Skirvin

Egg id: 268

Ken Williams makes a second cameo at the very end of the game, promoting other games in the Leisure Suit Larry series.

TAGSKen Williams

Egg id: 29

Look at the moose in Lefty's bar for a reference to King's Quest 3

TAGSKing's Quest III: To Heir is Human

Egg id: 441

Outside the convenience store, call Sierra phone number (209 683 4468 or 209 683 8989) to reach Sierra's customer service.

TAGSSierra On-Line

Egg id: 440

Ken Williams, the game's executive producer and founder and CEO of Sierra has a cameo in Lefty's bar. Notice the third person on the left with the mustache.

TAGSKen Williams

Egg id: 442

Use the password "Ken Sent Me" on the inflatable doll to learn Ken was also in the penthouse.

TAGSKen Williams

Easter Eggs referring to Leisure Suit Larry I: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (VGA)

King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown (VGA) (Egg id: 309)

Knock on the door in the mountainside. If nothing happens, leave the screen, re-enter and knock again. At one point the door will open and Leisure Suit Larry will appear. This is the rarest Easter egg in the game and has a VERY slight chance of occurring.