Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe


Main screen

When starting the game, you will first see the main menu screen.

New Game: Click on this button to start a new game. When a new screen appears, use the mouse to click on the child of your choice.

Continue Old Game: Click on this button to continue a game you've already been playing.

Character selection

When starting a new game, the character selection screen will appear. Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe will save your child's game according to the on-screen character your child has chosen to represent he or she during the game. For this reason, each child in your household playing Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe should choose a different on-screen character.

Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe will save your game in progress whenever you quit the game by selecting the red STOP button.

The interface

Using the Mouse: Instruct your child to position the arrow where he or she wants the character to move, then click the mouse button. The character will walk to the desired point, and stop. The mouse may also be used to explore objects in Mother Goose Land. When your child points at an on-screen object and presses the mouse button, many objects will become animated, and will be accompanied by sound; bells will ring, etc.

The SCORE Icon: Your child's score is represented by the number of golden eggs in the egg carton located at the bottom left of the screen. One egg is rewarded for each rhyme that he or she completes. There are 18 rhymes in Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe, so a total score of 18 eggs is possible.

The INVENTORY Icon: When your child first plays the game, this icon is empty showing only a blue background. Each time your child picks up an object, it will appear in the INVENTORY icon. Make sure that your child understands that the picture in the window is the item he or she is currently carrying.
The INVENTORY icon can hold only one object at a time. When your child finds a new item, he or she must decide which item to keep. If a new object is picked up, it will replace the current object in the INVENTORY icon. The previous object will be dropped and will remain in that location until the child returns for it. To avoid picking up an object, your child should avoid walking close to the object. If an undesired object is inadvertently picked up, instruct the child to walk toward the object he or she wishes to carry, and pick it up.

NOTE: Animated characters or animals discarded inside a building will not remain inside, but will wander away to a random location.
HINT: Several houses and buildings contain a small table of some sort. On these tables your child will often find an object needed to complete one of Mother Goose's rhymes.

The MAP Icon: Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe contains many locations to which children can travel. Sierra has provided a colorful on-screen map of the kingdom so children won't get lost in Mother Goose Land. To view the on-screen map, point to the MAP icon and click. Click on a location to find out who lives there. To familiarize your child with the map, point out the character's current location on the map (the area outlined in a box), then have him move to an adjoining screen. Now return to the map and ask your child to find the new location on the map. Continue practicing until the child can successfully use the map on his own.

The MOUTH Icon: When a child approaches one of the Mother Goose characters, use the mouse to point and click on the MOUTH icon. The on-screen character will speak to the child using both words and pictures. If a character is missing something, the child will be told what is missing. For example, if The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe needs a bowl of broth, she'll tell you first in words then a picture of the bowl will be displayed. Your child will find it easy to locate objects with the visual aids that the game provides. If the character happens to be the missing piece to a rhyme, the character will tell you where he or she needs to go.

The STOP Icon: To stop playing and save your child's place in the game, use the mouse to point to the red STOP icon, and click. A window will appear, containing another red STOP icon, and a GOOSE icon. Choose the STOP icon to quit the game. If you have selected STOP accidentally, click on the GOOSE icon to continue playing.

The SPEED Icon: At times during Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe, it may be useful to adjust the game's animation speed. Use the mouse to point to the SPEED (rabbit and turtle) lever icon. Hold down the mouse button as you drag the lever up (faster) or down (slower).

The VOLUME Icon: Use the mouse to point to the VOLUME (music note) lever icon. Hold down the mouse button as you drag the lever up (louder) or down (softer).

Entering Houses in Mother Goose Land: There are many houses and buildings in Mother Goose Land, most of which your child can enter at any time. To enter a place, he or she needs only to approach the front door, and it will open. The child will automatically enter the building.

Getting and Trading Objects: As your child explores Mother Goose Land, he or she will find many objects lying about, most of which can be used to complete one of Mother Goose's rhymes. As the character approaches one of the objects, it will be picked up automatically and will appear in the INVENTORY icon. The object will remain in the INVENTORY icon until it has been delivered to its proper owner, or has been traded for another object.

Completing a Rhyme: When your child returns a missing piece to the correct rhyme, use the mouse to click on the MOUTH icon. Now the rhyme will come to life; the on-screen characters perform the rhyme to music, and the words to the rhyme are displayed on the screen. Once a rhyme has been completed, your child can listen to the song again by clicking on the map and then clicking on the place where that rhyme exists.