Leisure Suit Larry's Casino

Making of

Al Lowe Designer, Writer, Director
Cher Sweeney Producer
Jimmy Kowalski Art Director
Steve Conrad Programming Lead
Rob Kenny System Programming
Brian Johnston Programming
Greg Hightower Programming
Mark Martino Programming
Tracy Boyd 3-D Backgrounds
Ryan Blinksy 3-D Backgrounds
Michael Chavez 3-D Backgrounds
Tracy Boyd Background Art
Deane Martson Background Art
Darlou Gams Background Art
Alberto Eufrasio Animation
Deane Martson Animation Ink & Paint
Ryan Blinksy Animation Ink & Paint
Darlou Gams Animation Ink & Paint
Erinn C. Hamilton Quality Assurance Lead
Gary Spinrad Music & sound Effects
Al Lowe Voice Casting & Director
The Voicecaster, Burbank, California Voice Auditions
Hollywood Recording Services Voice Recording
Mark Howlett Voice Recording Engineer
Gary Spinrad DREAMS Engineer
Chip Sandresky DREAMS Design & Development
David Henry DREAMS Design & Development
Ben Houge DREAMS Design & Development
Jim Veevaert Marketing
Eddie Ranchigoda Marketing
Joe Roth Marketing
Nathan Gams Packaging and Documentation
Koren Buckner Packaging and Documentation
Janice Buehrer Packaging and Documentation
David Edgerton Packaging and Documentation
Paul Reichlin Beta Test Lead
Alex Jacobs Quality Assurance Team
Andrew Coward Quality Assurance Team
Bernadette Pryor Quality Assurance Team
Erik Johnson Quality Assurance Team
Jen Abrams Quality Assurance Team
Julie Bazuzi Quality Assurance Team
Kate Powell Quality Assurance Team
Ken Eaton Quality Assurance Team
Matt Eslick Quality Assurance Team
Phil Kuhlmey Quality Assurance Team
Sonya Rhen Quality Assurance Team
Rod Fung Special Thanks
J. Mark Hood Special Thanks
Scott Lynch Special Thanks
Eric Twelker Special Thanks
John Williams Special Thanks
Linda (LL) Westerfield Special Thanks
Jim Edwards Special Thanks
Al Lowe LSL Theme Song Composed by
Frank Zottoli LSL Theme Song Arranged by
Frank Zottoli LSL Theme Song Performed by
Kim Hutchcroft LSL Theme Song Performed by
Tom Warrington LSL Theme Song Performed by
Claudio Slon LSL Theme Song Performed by
Mark Seibert LSL Theme Song Performed by
Jeff Hall LSL Theme Song Engineered and Mixed by
Jan Rabson Cast
Tasia Valenza Cast
Sheryl Bernstein Cast
Mary Kay Bergman Cast
Stuart Scott Bullock Cast
Kevin Michael Richardson Cast