Laffer Utilities (The)


After installing the Laffer Utilities, the following window in Windows 3x is created.

Click any of the icons to start its application.

- Tabloid Headlines: Your daily tabloid headline, with or without your friends' names in it.
- Windfall: Let Larry pick your lucky lottery numbers. Guaranteed to win!
- Fax Cover Sheet: Original fax cover sheets, ready for printing!
- Make a Bettor Bracket: Easy-to-make brackets for little bets among friends and colleagues.
- Pool Printer: Easy-to-print pool sheet for betting.
- Larry Laffer's Full Screen Stickum: Leave a message and wall paper while out of office.
- Sign Maker: Create a sign with and print a sign for on the office door or elsewhere.
- What To Do: Ask Larry any question and he'll give any answer.
- Office Form Maker: Easy to make and print forms for reminders, rewards and more.
- Where Do You Want To Go For Lunch?: Create your own list of restaurants with preference data on quality and price.
- Leisure Suit Larry's Favorite Jokes: Read Larry's jokes and even add your own.
- Excuses: Late for work? Larry helps you with a (not so) good excuse!
- Sayings: Larry and Patti provide famous sayings to impress the secretary with.
- Phone: Who needs a black book if you have this handy feature?
- Sign-Up Sheet Maker: Making sign-up forms for any kind of event has never been so easy!
- Horrorscope: What may or may not happen today? Check it out. It's bound to happen!
- Birthday: Make sure to never forget a birthday again!