Rise of the Dragon

Packaging & content

Rise of the Dragon was first released for DOS, with separate releases for EGA and VGA graphics, soon followed by releases for the Macintosh and Amiga.

Released in 1992 and developed by Game Arts, several differences existed between the Sega CD and original versions of Rise of the Dragon, the most prominent being the addition of voice acting to the Sega CD release. The graphics of the Sega CD version had to use a more limited range of colors than the VGA DOS version, 64 on screen colors compared to the 256 of the computer, which gave it a green tint.


The Sega CD version added voice actors to the game (including Cam Clarke in the main role as William 'Blade' Hunter) and was given a MA-17 rating by the Videogame Rating Council. Mature content in the game includes profanity, drug use, cross-dressing, prostitution and partial female nudity. A scene with a French kiss and implied sex was removed from the Sega CD release.

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