King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella


Opening screen
Opening credits
King Graham suffers a stroke
King Graham is gravely ill
Fairy Genesta talks to Rosella through the mirror
Arrival in Tamir
Rosella finds a golden ball under a bridge
Sometimes a frog turns into a prince
Rosella finds a spooky house
The complete works of Shakespeare
A dwarf house built in a tree
Rosella cleans the dwarf house
Having dinner with the dwarfs
Returning a diamond pouch in the dwarf mine
This minstrel does not play his lute too well...
Swapping a lute for a flute
The poor fisherman returns home, without a catch
A pouch of diamonds may help these poor people out
Cupid goes for a swim
A bird is desperately trying to pull out a worm
Rosella catches a fish
Something might be behind the waterfall...
Hunted by a cave troll
There appears to be the creature of the black lagoon in the swamp
Charming the snake
Rosella gets kidnapped by Lolotte's goons
Locked up in Lolotte's prison
Finding a peacock feather on Genesta's island
Rosella climbs the whale tongue
Rosella arrives on a small island
Rosella rides the unicorn to Lolotte
Chased by an ogre
Checking out the ogre's bedroom
Watching the ogre through the key hole
Stealing the magic chicken
The haunted forest
Outside the witches' cave
Trying the snatch the witches' only eye
Night falls