Print Artist 4


Print Artist is the ideal creative tool for every home and business. It allows you and your family to instantly and easily create and produce professional-looking projects every time. Whether it's a car wash banner for the Scouts or a Certificate of Distinction for work well done, make every occasion meaningful, fun and special with Print Artist.

Print Artist will help you design and print a wide spectrum of projects, including:
- Signs
- Stationary (Letterheads, Business Cards, Envelops, Postcards)
- Certificates
- Greeting Cards (1/2 fold cards, 1/4 fold cards)
- Banners
- Calendars (monthly, yearly)
- Crafts
- Labels
and almost anything else you can imagine that wil print on a piece of paper.

1/2 fold cards
In addition to 1/4 fold cards, Print Artist now offers you the option of creating 1/2 fold cards. Simply click on cards in the Select Document Type screen. Next click on 1/2 cards and pick the folding option that works best for the type of card you need.

About this guide
Print Artist is easy to use, the best way to learn is to simply open it and start designing. The program dialog boxes display the basic commands for available options and the document workspace gives you easy access to all the commands you need to create documents and manage your files.