How to play

Silpheed is divided into three sections: 1) Introduction Graphics, 2) Demonstration, 3) Game Play. To end introduction graphics or demo game, and begin game play, press ENTER. The object of the game is to destroy the giant battleship GLOIRE and defeat Xacalite. To do this, you must maneuver Silpheed to the final battle area, having defeated the enemy fighters and weapons you encounter on your way.

In each area you will encounter enemies with different characteristics, and some of these characteristics will change. When you complete an area, you land on a tender for repair and rearming. Landing is carried out automatically. There are two kinds of tenders. The small tender WOLF provides body servicing and three levels of shields. The large tender VINCE provides body servicing, ITEMS (such as AUTOMATIC FIRE and SPEED UP) and all levels of shields.

When you land on a tender, your screen will be in WEAPON SELECT MODE. Select left and right weapon with joystick or left and right direction keys. Press joystick button or the SPACEBAR to select the weapon. for every 50,000 points earned, an additional weapon will be added to the left or right side.

Weaponry and strength can be reinforced by collecting items found inside GOLANS. Warning: there are asteroids that resemble Golans. If all your shields are destroyed and you take body damage three times, Silpheed will explode and the game will be over. If Silpheed has been destroyed in game play, pressing ENTER while "GAME OVER" or the credits are onscreen will restart the game at Area 1.

Key commands

F1 Toggles music on and off
F2 Toggles sound effects on and off
F9 Reloads last uncompleted area
F10 Reloads highest uncompleted area
ESC Pause and proceed game play
SPACEBAR Fire weapons
Direction keys Move Silpheed. Use arrow keys or number keys on keypad.
SHIFT-X Exit game

Battle areas

Silpheed is divided into 20 battle areas, plus a final battle with GLOIRE. Each area is encountered in turn, and must be completed in sequence, beginning with Area 1. There are four types of battle areas:

SPACE: Mid-sized battleships and GLOIRE may be encountered here. Use items carefully for maximum effectiveness.
ABOVE PLANETS: High skill level area. No Power-up items appear.
IN FORTRESS: Many ROBAYAN-class destroyers are stored here. You will need to destroy all of them. Getting caught between a wall or fence and the bottom of the screen is fatal; your shields will not save you.
ASTEROID BELT: Avoid colliding with fast-moving asteroids and guided satellite armor. If your weapon power is level 1, you can destroy an asteroid with 4 or 5 shots from a laser cannon.


(W) Weapon power up - increases ship's destructive power.
(S) Speed up - increases ship's speed
(F) Automatic fire - Sets firing of laser or beam cannons to automatic.
(B) Set barrier - Puts up a barrier against enemy projectiles, but does not protect against collision with enemy ships or other obstacles.
(A) Asteroid belt - Puts three protective asteroids around Silpheed.
(D) destroy - Destroys all enemies and objects on the current screen.
(H) Shield advantage - Gives additional shielding.
(I) Invincible - While this item is in effect, no one can defeat you. A message will appear onscreen when the invincible effect is discontinued.
(N) Bonus score - This item adds bonus points to your score.
(R) All repair - Repairs all malfunctioning parts. all parts can be reused except SPEED UP (S), AUTOMATIC FIRE (F), and SET BARRIER (B).


At the beginning of each area, with the exception of Area 1, you will be allowed to select your left and right weapons. Left weapons and right weapons are selected separately. Use left/right direction keys or joystick to highlight desired weapon. Press SPACEBAR or any joystick button to select a weapon.

FORWARD BEAM - This is your most essential weapon. It can be used at all times, since the tenders are always well-supplied.
PHALANX BEAM - Fires five shots forward and two shots to the side, simultaneously.
V-BEAM - Fires two shots forward and two shots to the side, simultaneously.
LASER CANNON - Shoots forward only. Not as accurate as some other weapons, but much more destructive.
AUTO-AIMING - Finds enemy ships and obstacles automatically. Not effective where there are too many objects present, such as in an Asteroid belt.