Early Math


In Early Math your child will gain early math skills with the guidance of a cheerful, animated on-screen teacher. Your child receives one-on-one instruction by a friendly, infinitely patient tutor and coach named Loid who lives on an asteroid. Loid is always ready for your child, sitting on his favorite stool, riding in his convertible or hopping along in a bucket, eager to play and teach.

Inside Loid's house your child can count sheep, complete pictures, play with the magic box or feed the fish in the fish tank. And in Loid's yard your child can help Loid cross pits in the road by solving tangrams or solving patterns. Early Math teaches your child skills such as counting, addition, number symbols, subtraction, words for numbers, place value, number groups, logic, shapes, spatial concepts and one-to-one correspondence. Early Math combines all of these skills into one interactive environment designed to help your child build a strong foundation in early math knowledge.

This educational program of the Talking Tutor series, developed by Bright Star Technology, is aimed at children aged three to six years old. It will be interesting for you, as a parent, to see which games your child enjoys playing with most. Loid stores information about your child's progress in memory from one session to the next. Both you and your child can access this progression chart in the Parent's Screen and compare which games have been played the most and how many levels your child has completed.

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