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Dining area
Zombie ritual
Blowing up zombies
Entering the freezer
The freezer
The freezer
Bull squid attack
Corpses in the freezer
Bad time to reload
Bull squid spit
The freezer
Dead guard
Barnacles cover the shafts
Injured guard
Surprise around the corner
G-man behind a locked door
Zombi jumps through the glass
Zombies attack
Jump across the elevator shaft
Hanging for his life
A scientist begs to open the door
A guard is attacked
Watch the trip mine!
A dead marine
Taking out a turret
Now I have a machine gun
Shooting head crabs behind a fence
Dodge the trip mine
Vortigaunts appear
The sensor triggers the turret
To the weapon dispensary
Explosive barrel destroys a turret
A grenade between the gap
Destroying a turret behind the boxes
Killing head crabs
Slippery floor
A turret behind the corner
Blast door opens
G-man walks by
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