King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow


Lady Celeste is freed
Alexander meets the oracle
Alexander arrives on the Isle of Mists
Home of the druids
Alexander meets the Beast
Alexander convinces Beauty to go with him
The enchantment is broken
The magic spells book
Alexander is caught by the druids
How will he ever survive this?!
Alexander sends gifts via Sing Sing
Princess Cassima!
Alexander fakes suicide
The genie brings the news to the vizier
Picking an exact replica of the genie's lamp
Nightmare, from the land of the dead
Riding to the land of the dead
Cassima's parents dwell here
Mother ghost looks for her son
Playing the bones
Alexander discovers a dead warrior
Ready to cross the river Styx
The gate would rather eat Alexander than let him pass
Asking for an audience
Alexander challenges the Lord of Death
Cassima's parents are taken back from the land of the dead
Alexander paints a magic door
Alexander delivers the lamp replica to Jollo
A boy ghost is looking for his mother
Alexander finds a secret passage
The secret passage in the castle
Alexander spies on the guard dogs
Alexander and Cassima finally meet each other
Alexander spies on the vizier
Alexander searches the vizier's room
Alexander discovers the islands' treasures
The main hall of the castle
The genie is disguised as Cassima!
The parents of Cassima arrive on the scene
Chasing the vizier into the tower