$100,000 Pyramid (The)


Main menu

After the opening sequence (press spacebar to skip), the main menu appears.

Click New Game to start a new game, click Continue Game to continue a saved game, click Game Options to set game options, or click Quit Game to quit.

You can press Esc to bring up a game menu to change the game options or save and exit the game at any time during the game except when a game clock is running.

Setting game options

You can select Game Options from the game menu to change several options in the game.

Text Clues: enable or disable text clues.

Music Volume: Change the music volume.

Video: display videos full screen or windowed.

Game Clock: Set the clock to normal or hard.

Return to game: Return to the game. Any changes in the options will be saved.

Starting a new game

To start a new game, select New Game from the main menu. There are three types of games you can play; to select a game, click the game name with your mouse.

Single Player: Select this game if you will be playing by yourself. You'll play this game with a celebrity partner.

Two Player: Select this game if you will play with another person. In this game, you and the other person will each play with a celebrity partner.

Party Play: Select this game if you will be playing with three other people. In this game, you form two teams of two, and compete just like the TV game show. See details below.

When you start a new game, you'll need to sign in, choosing your name and picture. If there are several people playing on your computer, each player will need to sign in.

To sign in:
- Type your name and press Enter. If there are several people playing, each player will need to type his or her name, and press Enter.
In Party Play, one person on each team signs themselves in, and then signs in for their partner.
- Click on the picture you want to use to represent yourself. Again, each player must pick a picture for themselves. You can only pick a picture no one else has picked.
- If you're playing the Two Player game, each player selects a celebrity partner.
When everyone has signed in, you can see a description of the rules, which you can read or skip if you've already familiar with them.